no one stole my kidney in san francisco

we’re back in home in kansas after our whirlwind trip to san francisco. i am exhausted. all i want to do is sleep & lay around wearing pajamas. i can’t believe that we’re turning right around & flying to boston in under 48 hours. there’s no logical reason for the trip to san francisco toContinue reading “no one stole my kidney in san francisco”

of minimal interest (with photos!)

i’ve been getting more comically hateful comments here than usual recently. that tends to happen when someone links to something i wrote months ago & suddenly people start flocking to the blog & sharing their goofy opinions. i usually don’t approve the comments of people who just come over to write things like, “you suck!”Continue reading “of minimal interest (with photos!)”

winter survival guide, part two

perhaps ironically, i have been derailed from finishing my winter survival guide because it’s been so cold in lawrence. temperatures have been in the teens every night & it’s been bumming me out. i ordered cozy slippers on the interwebs last week (see last post: clothes), but they haven’t arrived yet, so my feet haveContinue reading “winter survival guide, part two”

my landlord hates me & my future children will too

okay, forget what i said before about possibly doing national novel writing month this year. i’ve known about this project for eleven years & i have NEVER done it. because i know it just won’t work for me. i can’t write a novel in a month. the first time i miss my daily word quota,Continue reading “my landlord hates me & my future children will too”

you can write a novel while you’re pissed

i love when the first day of a new month falls on a monday. i am one of those weirdos that loves mondays. they are my favorite day of the week. i love the idea of a fresh start, & i get one every monday. & when it’s also a new month–double bonus! i thinkContinue reading “you can write a novel while you’re pissed”

missives from a misanthrope in south philly

i have been in philly for two weeks now. i haven’t written much because my internet connection here is not the most reliable. it goes in & out, sometimes for entire days at a stretch. but it seems pretty strong at the moment, so i’ll give this whole blog-writing thing a whirl. i’m sure allContinue reading “missives from a misanthrope in south philly”

on writing, john locke, & queer biznass

i appear to have lost the thread of my novel. i fear i am overthinking it, which is exactly why i wanted to challenge myself to write a novel in a month–the speed required to meet the deadline conditions a person not to give in to overthinking. but i’m me, so of course i foundContinue reading “on writing, john locke, & queer biznass”