achievement unlocked: gray quilted Hudson pants

I already blogged this project over on the Monthly Stitch, so if you read that, maybe just skip to the end of this one if you are curious about some everyday life news I have to share (warning: it’s not the best news). Or read on if you just can’t get enough of my amazingContinue reading “achievement unlocked: gray quilted Hudson pants”

achievement unlocked: beaded Miz Mozelle dress

There are two reasons that I haven’t been posting much: 1) I haven’t been sewing much. Several of the projects I have tackled thus far in 2017 have been really time-consuming–the cross stitching on the pockets of my corduroy Gingers, & the beading detail on the dress I’m showing today. & 2) Something went wonkyContinue reading “achievement unlocked: beaded Miz Mozelle dress”

want to know about my impending hysterectomy?

No garments to share today. I just wanted to share some life news: my hysterectomy is scheduled for Valentine’s Day. I have less than 48 hours left with my uterus. What a bizarre feeling. I did a little last-minute anxiety sewing, to knock out some Monthly Stitch challenges & generate some comfy garments to wearContinue reading “want to know about my impending hysterectomy?”

achievement unlocked: feminist killjoy corduroy Gingers

This is my first completed project of 2017! It’s some pants. To be more specific, it is the Closet Case Patterns Ginger jeans, made from black corduroy. This is my fourth pair of Gingers, so not much to write home about here…Or so you might think! Kapow! These pockets are pretty much everything. When IContinue reading “achievement unlocked: feminist killjoy corduroy Gingers”

achievement unlocked: cross stitched cat necklaces

Every year, I make a New Year’s resolution to be more on the ball with the birthdays of my loved ones. Send cards, make gifts, throw Ramona a decent birthday party, etc. The people who benefit most from this resolution are always the people born in the first half of January, because I suck atContinue reading “achievement unlocked: cross stitched cat necklaces”

achievement unlocked: pink madras Archer shirt

Let’s take a deep dive into history & talk about a shirt I made sometime in June. This is the Archer shirt from Grainline Studio, which is currently up for consideration as a plus-size pattern of the year over at the Curvy Sewing Collective. Um…what? Sorry, guys, this is really not a pattern for plus-sizedContinue reading “achievement unlocked: pink madras Archer shirt”

achievement unlocked: feminist Ginger jeans

Allow me to preface this post by stating upfront: I LOVE THESE JEANS. Not only are they the best-fitting pair of pants I have made so far (including pajama pants!)…they may be the best-fitting pair of jeans I have ever had in my entire life. This was my third go with the Ginger jeans pattern.Continue reading “achievement unlocked: feminist Ginger jeans”

I guess I’ll reflect on 2016 after all.

Okay, I guess I’m going to go ahead & do a 2016 sewing wrap-up after all. I spent the last few days catching up on all the sewing blogs I haven’t read since like mid-November & I guess it inspired me. TOP 5 HITS feminist indigo Ginger jeans I haven’t blogged them yet (working onContinue reading “I guess I’ll reflect on 2016 after all.”