achievement unlocked: black denim Madeleine skirt

Happy birthday to me! I’m 38 as of today. I think this is the chillest I have ever been about my birthday. Maybe now that I am officially in my late 30s, I am over thinking that everyone should drop everything they’re doing for the month of July & give me all the attention. (ThoughContinue reading “achievement unlocked: black denim Madeleine skirt”

achievement unlocked: gray linen Shenai dress

I was introduced to Oki Style Patterns last year when Oki was one of the sponsors of Indie Pattern Month at the Monthly Stitch. I sewed her Salt jacket for one of the challenges & have been admiring her other patterns from afar ever since. Her patterns are so interesting, & reasonably wearable, but IContinue reading “achievement unlocked: gray linen Shenai dress”

achievement unlocked: gray linen Burnside Bibs

I just finished these overalls two days ago, but I can already tell you that I LOOOOOOOOVE them. The Burnside Bibs are the newest pattern release from Sew House Seven, & it’s entirely possible that I might be the first person blogging about them that wasn’t a pattern tester. I saw them linked in aContinue reading “achievement unlocked: gray linen Burnside Bibs”

achievement unlocked: “the future is female” raglan tee

I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this shirt yet! I made it back in February, before my hysterectomy, & I wear it all the time. & let me tell you, this shirt comes with quite a story. I was inspired to make this shirt by a challenge over at the Monthly Stitch. The themeContinue reading “achievement unlocked: “the future is female” raglan tee”

achievement unlocked: pink unicorn maxi Lady Skater

Writing a new blog post has been on my to-do list for weeks, so I might as well just do it! To be honest, part of my silence here has been due to the fact that I’ve been sewing a lot recently! I don’t know if I mentioned: I traded lamps with Ramona. I wasContinue reading “achievement unlocked: pink unicorn maxi Lady Skater”

achievement unlocked: Tetris print Kielo dress

I have been sewing quite a bit recently! Not as much as I would have liked, because Jared was pretty sick for a while, & was thus commandeering the bedroom, where my sewing & cutting tables are. But I am finally, FINALLY, getting back into the swing of stitching. I’m plugging away on my capsuleContinue reading “achievement unlocked: Tetris print Kielo dress”

achievement unlocked: horrifying velveteen Luffa jacket

I am going to share a fail project today, if for no other reason than to finally move it off my “to-be-blogged” list, where it’s been languishing for nearly a year. This is the Luffa jacket from Waffle Patterns. This has technically been seen on the blog before. & GOOD GOD, it’s actually worse thanContinue reading “achievement unlocked: horrifying velveteen Luffa jacket”

achievement unlocked: owl print calendar tea towel

I got my MRI results a lot sooner than I expected, so I won’t prolong the suspense: my brain is 100% normal. That’s obviously a good thing, but it means that we’re not any closer to finding an explanation for all of my strange health problems. About 5% of people with MS have clear brainContinue reading “achievement unlocked: owl print calendar tea towel”