achievement unlocked: asymmetrical Mrs. Stylebook skirt

I am finally blogging this skirt that I made a month ago! This is a skirt from the Japanese sewing magazine “Mrs. Stylebook”–specifically the high summer 2017 issue, which I bought on Etsy from a seller in Japan. I like the idea of sewing magazines because it’s potentially a lot of bang for your buck.Continue reading “achievement unlocked: asymmetrical Mrs. Stylebook skirt”

achievement unlocked: Little Ramona doll

If you visit this blog strictly for adult garment-sewing, turn back now! Because this particular post is about dollmaking, a new sewing rabbit hole I have fallen down. Meet Little Ramona! (Ramona named her.) When I was brainstorming my fall/winter sewing plans, I decided I wanted to do more sewing for Ramona. She’s still growingContinue reading “achievement unlocked: Little Ramona doll”

sewing plans from eclipse to September

Happy Great American Eclipse Day! Here in Lawrence, Kansas, we are just outside the path of totality. Apparently we will have a 99.3% eclipse. I was thinking that that was good enough for me, but Jared convinced me that it’s really worth making the drive to experience totality, being so close & everything. We haveContinue reading “sewing plans from eclipse to September”

achievement unlocked: railroad denim Burnside Bibs

Yes, I have already sewn another pair of these overalls, even though the pattern has only been out for like six weeks! & even though it is overalls, & the question exists: how many pairs of overalls does one 38-year-old woman really need? Apparently I will not rest until I have a pair of overallsContinue reading “achievement unlocked: railroad denim Burnside Bibs”

achievement unlocked: pink gingham swimsuit

Hey ho, I have made my one trillionth swimsuit. Actually just my third. But three swimsuits is still a lot of swimsuits for a person who does not spend much time in the water. I used to be deep into water aerobics & water walking. I went almost everyday while I was pregnant with Ramona,Continue reading “achievement unlocked: pink gingham swimsuit”

achievement unlocked: teal gingham Henrietta Maria top

All right, let’s talk about this top, which is the Henrietta Maria blouse from Scroop Patterns. (Note: I’m recycling some of the photos from my last post. Sorry not sorry!) This was the very first Scroop release, & I’m not gonna lie: I had zero plans to sew it up. The line drawings made itContinue reading “achievement unlocked: teal gingham Henrietta Maria top”