top model in new zealand

once again, in the intro to this week’s episode of “top model,” tyra seems uncommonly perfunctory. we see her informing anslee that she needs to learn to model from the neck down, which involves tyra slapping her own thighs with great gusto. it’s like she thinks anslee is aiming for a career as a saddleContinue reading “top model in new zealand”

can’t say i really enjoy women this hairy

i’m doing something a little different with this week’s “top model” recap. i don’t have the energy for an exhaustive blow-by-blow, so i’m breaking it all down into topical categories & just covering the highlights (with plenty of my own commentary). let’s get started! TYRA: in the intro, in which she recaps the horrors ofContinue reading “can’t say i really enjoy women this hairy”

on writing, john locke, & queer biznass

i appear to have lost the thread of my novel. i fear i am overthinking it, which is exactly why i wanted to challenge myself to write a novel in a month–the speed required to meet the deadline conditions a person not to give in to overthinking. but i’m me, so of course i foundContinue reading “on writing, john locke, & queer biznass”