long time, no talk

i haven’t updated in forever! well, almost two weeks. i don’t have any good excuses, but i guess i’ll try to do better. i’m not quite ready to fade away into obscurity. a fantastic five list of what’s been going on: 1) the main thing that has been distracting me from writing or doing muchContinue reading “long time, no talk”

the crabigail review: underground

sorry, i haven’t posted in a while. & sorry, by pointing that out, i am subscribing to capitalist ethics pertaining to the free labor of maintaining a blog, & displaying fucked up personal relationship with the concepts of “productivity” & “disability” (a recent theme for me). i mailed off the last of the remaining paperContinue reading “the crabigail review: underground”

2005-2007, the crabigail review

i threw my back out the other day & writing has been a challenge since then. i can’t use my right arm much without excruciating pain. i’m seeing a new orthopedic specialist tomorrow to try to work out a more consistent treatment plan for my arthritis, so…good timing, i guess. this might also get inContinue reading “2005-2007, the crabigail review”

big changes

sorry i haven’t posted here in like a week. i went back to “work” on monday (running my zine distro) & i felt really miserable, & after a couple of days of suffering, i decided to close up shop. i announced the closure on thursday afternoon (on the distro website & zine-related places around theContinue reading “big changes”

2009: year in review

i have been filling out this survey at the end of the every year for damn near ten years. that makes me feel very old. 1. what did you do in 2009 that you’d never done before? lived in kansas. went whale-watching. owned a pair of high heels. had a lipstick shade (l’oreal’s “make meContinue reading “2009: year in review”