instigating catfights may be fun, but recapping them is not

okay, i am finally getting around to recapping last week’s episode of “top model”. sorry to be kind of late–every other recapper on the internet has undoubtedly beaten me to the punch. it’s just that i am in the middle of writing this novel, & even though i am having a lot of fun doingContinue reading “instigating catfights may be fun, but recapping them is not”

make this the summer of the walk-in bear cave

first of all, sorry i didn’t recap last week’s episode of “top model”. i can’t believe a week has passed since my beloved simone got the boot & a new episode is on tonight! time flies. i wish i had better excuses for why i didn’t get around to it, besides just, “i read aContinue reading “make this the summer of the walk-in bear cave”

odds & ends…not very inspired

1. there has been something wrong with my back for several weeks now. there is always something wrong with it, because i am missing vertebrae & i have scoliosis & i am riddled with arthritis & several of my vertebrae are disintegrating. but this is a new wrong. there’s some kind of weird bump mid-spineContinue reading “odds & ends…not very inspired”

bid adieu to the fry buddy & the bald cult queen

preface: i wrote this recap straight from memory & i know i transposed events a little (by accident). sorry about that. i’m going to do my best to recap “top model” every week, much as i did with cycle nine…though i kind of petered out in the middle of the cycle back then, thanks toContinue reading “bid adieu to the fry buddy & the bald cult queen”

ciara xyerra world tour

okay, not really. i just realized that i forgot to mention that jared & i will be in chicago this weekend/early next week. yes, i know about the zine fair. we will swing by on saturday & take a look around. i am not tabling or reading or doing anything else. i’m actually really lookingContinue reading “ciara xyerra world tour”

i can’t believe stimpy got cut already

let’s talk about “america’s next top model” cycle 14. i love “top model”. i have seen every cycle, some more than once. but losing the awesome writers they had during the writer’s strike a few years ago kind of ruined things a little bit. it was in the middle of cycle seven, & suddenly theContinue reading “i can’t believe stimpy got cut already”