please join me in bringing a class-action lawsuit against “modelland”

i am feeling super-wiped out today for some reason & i just don’t think i have it in me to generate a blog post full of original content, so instead, please enjoy my book review of “modelland” by tyra banks. & bear in mind that this paperweight of horror clocked in at over 500 pages.Continue reading “please join me in bringing a class-action lawsuit against “modelland””

vintage management: slumlords

i think that looking for apartments is ruining my life. jared & i arranged to do another walk-through over at Tiny House the other day. Tiny House is a tiny house in east lawrence that we kind of liked. it has that old-house charm, wood floord, big yard, etc etc, but it’s only one bedroom.Continue reading “vintage management: slumlords”

zine housekeeping

i did an interview with things you say distro for the new “featured zine” element erin has added to the website. the featured zine this month is “love letters to monsters” #2. i’m out of copies for good, but things you say & maybe a few other distros still have it. erin is also doingContinue reading “zine housekeeping”

moving this weekend, among other things

i’m just clearing the decks from my last blog post, booting it off the top of the page…& making sure everyone scrolls down to read it by writing that. which is fine. i’m just not interested in having something so potentially controversial & incendiary topping the page when suddenly i am getting mad hits here.Continue reading “moving this weekend, among other things”

greetings from shady pines: TV & fashion

i haven’t written in a while. & i did not recap the “top model” finale. once again, my apologies. but once the season is over, it’s really hard for me to muster up the energy to give a fuck, you know? krista won, i knew she would, raina was a finalist, i knew she wouldContinue reading “greetings from shady pines: TV & fashion”

in which i hulk out about “lost”

sorry, dudes. no “top model” recap this week. i was going to write it last thursday, but i decided i would rather read a book instead. “i’ll do it tomorrow,” i told myself. but the next day, i woke up with a fever exchanged for my voice & have been sick ever since. i’m actuallyContinue reading “in which i hulk out about “lost””

top model in new zealand

once again, in the intro to this week’s episode of “top model,” tyra seems uncommonly perfunctory. we see her informing anslee that she needs to learn to model from the neck down, which involves tyra slapping her own thighs with great gusto. it’s like she thinks anslee is aiming for a career as a saddleContinue reading “top model in new zealand”

can’t say i really enjoy women this hairy

i’m doing something a little different with this week’s “top model” recap. i don’t have the energy for an exhaustive blow-by-blow, so i’m breaking it all down into topical categories & just covering the highlights (with plenty of my own commentary). let’s get started! TYRA: in the intro, in which she recaps the horrors ofContinue reading “can’t say i really enjoy women this hairy”

dear spinster aunt ciara #1

I am a 26-year-old queer woman living in Melbourne. I grew up in a fairly conservative, but loving, family who couldn’t always understand me, but at least tried to accept me. For as long as I can remember, I made things. I drew, crawled under my desk, and made up worlds. This progressed ’til IContinue reading “dear spinster aunt ciara #1”

new york brioches ride the subway, or, top model part 2

okay, time to blaze through the rest of this episode. the girls receive tyra mail: “it’s time 2 take ur campaign underground.” they all know it has something to do with the subway, although alasia says, “i hope not because it smell like pee down there!” she’s not wrong. raina appears to be wearing aContinue reading “new york brioches ride the subway, or, top model part 2”