how is it april already?

so, jared & i are moving into our new house in less than a month. i’m going to try to keep up with my to-do lists (including the routine update here) while we are preparing for the move, but considering that we haven’t even started packing yet…we’ll see how it goes. we also have notContinue reading “how is it april already?”

a writer’s guide to basic etiquette

been out of commission for a little while with a bad cold. i spent most of the last week sick in bed. i used the time to watch season four of “big love,” which was hilariously terrible. only nine episodes, & they managed to pack about seven thousand ridiculous storylines in there. i won’t spoilContinue reading “a writer’s guide to basic etiquette”

listen, everybody…especially you girls

i was going to write a big post about how to run a zine distro, but i got like 1800 words in (which is a lot), & i hadn’t even finished explaining how to get started. there’s just too much! i wanted to include all the different things i have learned, the good & theContinue reading “listen, everybody…especially you girls”

zinecraft, part two

(part one) it’s really frustrating, though, to be in a world where everyone gets a gold star when i was trying to hold myself to a different personal standard of quality writing. i got a very amusing e-mail a few months ago (anonymous, of course) from someone who hated the last zine i wrote (“loveContinue reading “zinecraft, part two”

new apartment, new zine?

well. jared & i moved into our new apartment this weekend. i knew all along that our new apartment was pretty sweet (having seen it many times before while cat-sitting for previous tenants), but damn! it’s an awesome apartment! there’s a big spacious living room that wraps around & feeds into a small-ish kitchen. theContinue reading “new apartment, new zine?”

it’s the first day of spring!

what the hell is going on? lawrence was hammered last night by a mondo late season blizzard, & the snow is in fact still falling. yesterday was gorgeous. i wore my ruffle-collar swing coat downtown & had to remove it for the walk home because i was too warm in just a thermal & thinContinue reading “it’s the first day of spring!”

long time, no talk

i haven’t updated in forever! well, almost two weeks. i don’t have any good excuses, but i guess i’ll try to do better. i’m not quite ready to fade away into obscurity. a fantastic five list of what’s been going on: 1) the main thing that has been distracting me from writing or doing muchContinue reading “long time, no talk”

the crabigail review: underground

sorry, i haven’t posted in a while. & sorry, by pointing that out, i am subscribing to capitalist ethics pertaining to the free labor of maintaining a blog, & displaying fucked up personal relationship with the concepts of “productivity” & “disability” (a recent theme for me). i mailed off the last of the remaining paperContinue reading “the crabigail review: underground”

top five things i won’t miss about running a zine distro

or, you know, things i won’t miss once these last few packages are finally mailed (72 down, ten to go)… 5) people who failed to update their paypal address information the last time they moved. so they have to e-mail me separately to give me their current address. i don’t print out postage directly fromContinue reading “top five things i won’t miss about running a zine distro”