watching people fall down is free!

it’s another beautiful day in lawrence, kansas! the tulips are in full bloom, jared is wearing seersucker, & the weather is perfect for kicking back on the porch with a handle of rum & “don’t fear the reaper” on repeat. all those suckers that haven’t visited us yet because they think we live in aContinue reading “watching people fall down is free!”

my first love: making fun of nerds

today’s blog challenge prompt is “your first love”. i’m just gonna go ahead & say that i am not comfortable writing about lovey-dovey relationship things in public forums, like on blogs or in zines. nor am i comfortable when i read these kinds of things written by other people. obviously i don’t hide the factContinue reading “my first love: making fun of nerds”

how is it april already?

so, jared & i are moving into our new house in less than a month. i’m going to try to keep up with my to-do lists (including the routine update here) while we are preparing for the move, but considering that we haven’t even started packing yet…we’ll see how it goes. we also have notContinue reading “how is it april already?”

springtime in kansas…ugh

i continue to be vaguely depressed & anxious. the problem with depression & anxiety is that they do not necessarily have reasons for being, so there isn’t really anything i can do to address them. i am just trying to muddle along. jared is on spring break this week, but it hasn’t really been asContinue reading “springtime in kansas…ugh”

getting rid of the anxiety freight

what’s up with the vast numbers of people that have been flocking to my blog recently? every day, the view count is higher than the day before–& they’re all breaking my (admittedly modest) records. & new subscribers are signing on at a steady clip as well. it’s not like anyone high-profile has linked to meContinue reading “getting rid of the anxiety freight”

make this the summer of the walk-in bear cave

first of all, sorry i didn’t recap last week’s episode of “top model”. i can’t believe a week has passed since my beloved simone got the boot & a new episode is on tonight! time flies. i wish i had better excuses for why i didn’t get around to it, besides just, “i read aContinue reading “make this the summer of the walk-in bear cave”

a few thoughts on a “riot grrrl revival”…& spring clothes

amber recently wrote a post for her blog (see side bar) in which she quoted a fair chunk of an e-mail i’d sent her, trying to make sense of how i feel about the idea of a “riot grrrl revival” (i’m not feeling great about it). this is what she quoted: “…i realized: those ofContinue reading “a few thoughts on a “riot grrrl revival”…& spring clothes”

it’s the first day of spring!

what the hell is going on? lawrence was hammered last night by a mondo late season blizzard, & the snow is in fact still falling. yesterday was gorgeous. i wore my ruffle-collar swing coat downtown & had to remove it for the walk home because i was too warm in just a thermal & thinContinue reading “it’s the first day of spring!”

ciara xyerra world tour

okay, not really. i just realized that i forgot to mention that jared & i will be in chicago this weekend/early next week. yes, i know about the zine fair. we will swing by on saturday & take a look around. i am not tabling or reading or doing anything else. i’m actually really lookingContinue reading “ciara xyerra world tour”

give me blog recommendations

i want to add some new blogs to my daily reading! i like to read blogs written by people i know (well or vaguely) through zines, which means, if you are reading this because you have read my zines, & you happen to have a blog you update occasionally, give me the address! i alsoContinue reading “give me blog recommendations”