relationships actually are

i haven’t posted here in so long, i don’t know if i remember how. okay, it’s only been three weeks. but still. spinster summer is all over now. jared got home last week. today he started school. having him back home has been good. but also very intense. saturday was literally the most intense dayContinue reading “relationships actually are”

grief is a spiral

i realized the other day that spinster summer is more than halfway over. the first half went pretty smoothly. it seemed to fly by, really. maybe it was a mix of having the opportunity to see jared a lot (because i spent the first six days in boston with him, & then i only hadContinue reading “grief is a spiral”

adult living: car repairs edition

i hopped into my car to drive up to feminist book club on thursday, & my car wouldn’t start! all that would happen when i turned the key is that the key would kind of get stuck & make a weird clicking noise. i had no idea what was going on. the last time i’dContinue reading “adult living: car repairs edition”

my history with the “allied media conference”, part four

this is part four of a multi-part post. part one is here. part two is here. part three is here. once we had coffee & signs up, jason reverted to being less than helpful. i don’t remember everything that happened that weekend, but one thing i remember vividly is the frustration i felt over jen’sContinue reading “my history with the “allied media conference”, part four”

my history with the “allied media conference”, part two

this is part two of a multi-part history. part one is here. jason & i started meeting once a week to hash out plans for what we decided to call the bowling green zine conference. we definitely tried to come up with a more clever name, but could never settle on anything. i publicized theContinue reading “my history with the “allied media conference”, part two”

let’s not & say we did

tomorrow marks thirty days since jared & i moved out of our new apartment & turned in the keys. thirty days, & our former landlord has not yet returned our security deposit. we met with a lawyer this morning, to make sure we understood the process for taking our ex-landlord to small claims court ifContinue reading “let’s not & say we did”

snake wall house or bust

the best laid plans. i made an exhaustive to-do list last week of everything that needed to get done by the time we move into our new house this weekend, but of course all kinds of other stuff came up & writing new posts here fell by the wayside. i kind of had a meltdownContinue reading “snake wall house or bust”

ladies only fun club

sorry for the delay in writing a new post. i fucked up my wrist somehow & it hurts to do everything, from zipping my hoodie to opening doors to holding books to typing. i have mostly been laying on the couch under a quilt with charlotte, watching stuff on netflix. it’s sad. jared is inContinue reading “ladies only fun club”

accommodation vs. adaptability, or why social justice movements are their own worst enemy: part one

i have been thinking a lot recently about the desire to be accommodated versus the responsibility to be adaptable. part of it has been part of a progression of thoughts on my post how this blog is not a safe space, part of it has been various things i have read or experienced in myContinue reading “accommodation vs. adaptability, or why social justice movements are their own worst enemy: part one”

a house, a lawyer, & a book club

okay, i know i have some woo woo hippie friends (i mean that in the most loving way possible). if this describes you, if you are the kind of person that believes that putting positive energy into the universe can influence events to some degree, please put some energy out in favor of jared &Continue reading “a house, a lawyer, & a book club”