personal challenge memoir review #2: chastened

guys. what the fuck. this book SUCKS. i am not sure why i picked it up. i think i read a review of it somewhere that made it sound potentially intriguing. it’s a memoir kind of deal by a woman who made a personal vow with herself to not have sex (which she defines asContinue reading “personal challenge memoir review #2: chastened”

all i need is a lanai & a caftan

i decided to take a chance on looking for a new doctor here in lawrence. i got myself a doctor shortly after i moved here so that i could get a prescription for birth control pills & a referral to a rheumatologist (because i was beginning to suspect that my osteoarthritis may have been misdiagnosed).Continue reading “all i need is a lanai & a caftan”

really, paul krugman?

i have been reading a lot of the “new york times” editorials about the tucson massacre on january 8, even though they all say pretty much the same thing: “let’s bring a new civility to political discourse, & if politicians don’t use this as a wake-up call & start enacting tougher gun control regulations, thatContinue reading “really, paul krugman?”

fall back…into a stupor

i didn’t expect the time change to affect me so intensely. jared & i went to bed last night at our usual time, around one in the morning. & we slept for like nine hours. we don’t usually sleep for that long. jared’s lucky to scrape six hours, & i tend to get around seven.Continue reading “fall back…into a stupor”

dear spinster aunt ciara #1

I am a 26-year-old queer woman living in Melbourne. I grew up in a fairly conservative, but loving, family who couldn’t always understand me, but at least tried to accept me. For as long as I can remember, I made things. I drew, crawled under my desk, and made up worlds. This progressed ’til IContinue reading “dear spinster aunt ciara #1”

2005-2007, the crabigail review

i threw my back out the other day & writing has been a challenge since then. i can’t use my right arm much without excruciating pain. i’m seeing a new orthopedic specialist tomorrow to try to work out a more consistent treatment plan for my arthritis, so…good timing, i guess. this might also get inContinue reading “2005-2007, the crabigail review”

2003-2004, the crabigail review

all right, let’s try to finish this “decade in review” thing before 2010 is over. it’s taking me a long time because the distro is still sucking up all my time. all the zines i had were sold, but packaging them up & lugging them down to the post office (in more than a footContinue reading “2003-2004, the crabigail review”

2000-2002, the crabigail review

a few folks have been recapping the decade from their personal perspective, now that we have collectively moved on to the teens. i like this idea, so i am stealing it. maybe it will help my mysterious readers (over one hundred hits on december 29? who are you people?) get to know me better. 2000Continue reading “2000-2002, the crabigail review”

2009: year in review

i have been filling out this survey at the end of the every year for damn near ten years. that makes me feel very old. 1. what did you do in 2009 that you’d never done before? lived in kansas. went whale-watching. owned a pair of high heels. had a lipstick shade (l’oreal’s “make meContinue reading “2009: year in review”

laura ingalls wilder is my therapist

i have been stressing out the last couple of days. i’ll be honest, jared & i had a bit of an argument on wednesday night. it might have involved a lot of crying on my part, & then possibly i went out & bought a pack of cigarettes because cigarettes are my last-ditch anxiety mediator.Continue reading “laura ingalls wilder is my therapist”