entitlement & selfishness on TTC forums

okay, i need to vent about something goofy. generally it’s against my principles to complain about dumb things that happen on the internet because it becomes this obnoxious echo chamber in which things that happen on the internet, which should be easily ignored & forgotten, take on more weight & thus more importance than theyContinue reading “entitlement & selfishness on TTC forums”

dumb things people say when you’re trying to get pregnant, part 2

i’m back already with even more thoughts about dumb things people say when they learn that someone is trying to get pregnant. “at least you’re having lots of ‘fun’ trying, right?” *wink wink* this is a noble attempt to look for the silver lining, but…seriously? i wrote something much more serious here, but i deletedContinue reading “dumb things people say when you’re trying to get pregnant, part 2”

dumb things people say when you’re trying to get pregnant

i’m not even pregnant yet & i’m already sick & tired of the stupid things people are constantly saying to me about pregnancy, babies, parenting, & trying to get pregnant. i’m going to elaborate on some of the most prevalent &/or most obnoxious examples here in the hopes that people will just stop saying thisContinue reading “dumb things people say when you’re trying to get pregnant”

back to square one

(this isn’t something originally written for my blog, which is why everything is capitalized properly. see, i can do it! this is about infertility & it’s pretty detailed, so you may not want to read on if you don’t give a rat’s ass about my sisyphean quest to get pregnant, or if you can’t handleContinue reading “back to square one”

can a cat be a friend?

photo challenge day #4: a picture of you & your best friend. seeing as i am 32 & not twelve, i don’t really have a best friend. but i have some tights bros. jessika rae is the person who convinced me to start going to NCOR (national conference on organized resistance). i went for twoContinue reading “can a cat be a friend?”

the internet will kill (or bore) us all

i am falling down on the job of maintaining a regularly-updated blog, so i am going to fall back on that useful old crutch of hacks & frauds: gimmickry. alex wrekk came up with a 30-day photo challenge, & i’m going to try it. (which is not to say that alex is a hack orContinue reading “the internet will kill (or bore) us all”

baby rabies: the next frontier

i just got home home from seeing my ob/gyn. i now have an official diagnosis of infertility. i am not that freaked out because doctors hand down that diagnosis when you have been having sex for more than a year without any hormonal or barrier method birth control in play. they don’t count fertility awareness/avoidingContinue reading “baby rabies: the next frontier”

everything is for the future

the apartment hunt continues. it is really stressing me out. i don’t like looking for apartments. i talked to one of the guys that lives in my current building, & he said that everyone except jared & i got letters from the landlord asking if they want to renew their leases or not. & thatContinue reading “everything is for the future”

feminism is for everybody, but this book sucks

i kind of live-blogged this book on facebook while i was re-reading it. yes, i originally read it shortly after it was released, because i loved bell hooks back then & felt she could do no wrong as a feminist theorist. this book was my first hint that she can do some pretty serious wrong.Continue reading “feminism is for everybody, but this book sucks”

disabled parenting: the pre-pre-show

i went to the doctor on monday to get a referral to an ob/gyn to get started on this whole baby-makin’ thing (not actually starting on it for real until after summer, but i wanted to establish a relationship with an ob/gyn in advance of conception) & to address some of my pain issues. theContinue reading “disabled parenting: the pre-pre-show”