cloth diapers: one month in

let’s talk cloth diapers. remember back when i was pregnant, & i was totally convinced that pocket diapers were the way to go? i did all this research on cloth diapers & somehow decided that pocket diapers would be the easiest & cutest option. obviously i wanted to diaper my child in the caviar-&-cristal ofContinue reading “cloth diapers: one month in”

win a night with a baby warthog!

let’s talk anatomical development! ramona’s mucus membranes are starting to mature, which means she is producing mucus. lovely, huh? but that also means that she has all this snot & she doesn’t know what the fuck to do with it. it was kind of cute at first, because it just made her snore these adorableContinue reading “win a night with a baby warthog!”

places to stash the baby

parenthood really does change a person. i went to bed last night at 9pm. i did happen to be awake at midnight, because i had to get up to pump milk. jared was still up with ramona, dressing her up in various outfits, so we were able to ring in the new year together. kindContinue reading “places to stash the baby”

is breast still best if it comes exclusively from a bottle?

i included a space on my to-do list to write a blog post about ramona’s third week of life, but she’s 25 days old now–halfway through her fourth week–& i want to write about something a little more immediate & relevant to my own life. guys, having a baby is difficult. not that i didn’tContinue reading “is breast still best if it comes exclusively from a bottle?”

ramona balogna: week two

ramona’s second week of life was much more difficult for me than her first. she continued to improve by leaps & bounds on a daily basis. i haven’t been worried about her health at all (which is an enormous blessing). but without the percocets to take the edge of the surreal experience of having myContinue reading “ramona balogna: week two”