first world problems: i gots ’em

i’m trying to stick to my blog publishing schedule, although i am starting to think that i have a really unrealistic perception of how to best manage my time. well, i guess i’m not “starting” to think that. i’ve actually thought it for years. there’s kind of a lot going on this month. next wednesday,Continue reading “first world problems: i gots ’em”

car talk

so the big news is that jared & i bought a car off craig’s list. we got it from a nice topeka librarian. she was extremely organized. she provided us with all her receipts for all the work she’d had done on the car & coached us through the requirements for registration. i have neverContinue reading “car talk”

fall back…into a stupor

i didn’t expect the time change to affect me so intensely. jared & i went to bed last night at our usual time, around one in the morning. & we slept for like nine hours. we don’t usually sleep for that long. jared’s lucky to scrape six hours, & i tend to get around seven.Continue reading “fall back…into a stupor”

zine housekeeping

i did an interview with things you say distro for the new “featured zine” element erin has added to the website. the featured zine this month is “love letters to monsters” #2. i’m out of copies for good, but things you say & maybe a few other distros still have it. erin is also doingContinue reading “zine housekeeping”

why i don’t live in portland

i have been kind of sad since i got home from portland. this may be because i have been really tired since i got home from portland. i was splitting a hotel room with ericka all weekend, & ericka did not seem to be capable of sleeping past 7:30am, even if we didn’t go toContinue reading “why i don’t live in portland”

going to portland

i think i have mentioned that i’m attending the portland zine symposium this year. i get in bright & early the friday morning before the event, & am leaving the monday afternoon following. i opted against stretching out my visit to make it a whole vacation like i did last year, because a) my portlandContinue reading “going to portland”

zinecraft, part one

i have been hitting the library a lot since i got back to lawrence a few weeks ago. i’m so happy to have access to big stacks of books again, without having to spend any money on them. i love the lawrence library & i love that it’s only a few blocks away from myContinue reading “zinecraft, part one”

i am 31 now

so, how awesome was my birthday? i woke up to a really weird nightmare in which the women currently living in the apartment jared & i are moving into in august were refusing to clean it after they moved out. when we asked them to clean it & avoid having the landlord have to hireContinue reading “i am 31 now”

officially over the lower east side

i went to new york city this past weekend to visit jared. his sojourn in the adirondacks has finally come to a close & he is now ensconced, along with his research cohort, in international house, up on riverside drive. he told me that some of the group were expressing some rather out-moded anxieties aboutContinue reading “officially over the lower east side”

missives from a misanthrope in south philly

i have been in philly for two weeks now. i haven’t written much because my internet connection here is not the most reliable. it goes in & out, sometimes for entire days at a stretch. but it seems pretty strong at the moment, so i’ll give this whole blog-writing thing a whirl. i’m sure allContinue reading “missives from a misanthrope in south philly”