on relating to kathleen hanna

i watched this interview yesterday. it’s an interview with kathleen hanna, known to kids of today thanks to her band le tigre, & known to me as a teenager from her riot grrrl band bikini kill. i loved bikini kill a lot when i was younger, & when kathleen’s solo record under the name julieContinue reading “on relating to kathleen hanna”

top five things i won’t miss about running a zine distro

or, you know, things i won’t miss once these last few packages are finally mailed (72 down, ten to go)… 5) people who failed to update their paypal address information the last time they moved. so they have to e-mail me separately to give me their current address. i don’t print out postage directly fromContinue reading “top five things i won’t miss about running a zine distro”

i’m on distro vacation! yaaaaaaay!

what’s up with the weird rash of people that are suddenly being all sour grapes because distros decided against picking up their zines? “all these zine distros just carry the same shit anyway. they just have a few token out-lier zines to differentiate from one another & to look like they aren’t all the same.Continue reading “i’m on distro vacation! yaaaaaaay!”

snickers candy bar, take me away!

so stressed out. jared & i are leaving for boston in less than a week, & i had this little fantasy that i could work hard & conquer my entire to-do list before we leave. & it is just not happening. the work is multiplying exponentially & taking over my life! i admit, my relationshipContinue reading “snickers candy bar, take me away!”

girl zines: the book (part one)

charlotte was kind enough to buy me a copy of girl zines: making media, doing feminism, by alison piepmeier: okay, actually i bought it for myself, by ordering it from the indie bookstore downtown. support your local businesses! i am only about halfway through, & one of the chapters i haven’t read yet is aboutContinue reading “girl zines: the book (part one)”