ack! don’t tell me about your weigh-in

spinster summer is going really well, but i have been kind of cranky & easily irritated lately anyway. i decided to follow through on the plan to go back to boston for my birthday. i had this more grandiose idea to fly into philly the week before & hang out with friends there for aContinue reading “ack! don’t tell me about your weigh-in”

exercising the poison pen

one of my older posts (this one) got picked up on tumblr the other day. it was only “retumbled” or whatever the term is a couple of times, but it resulted in a few hundred extra hits, & then was posted on some aggregator site. pretty weird. i never think anyone reads this thing, &Continue reading “exercising the poison pen”

you can leave your tinfoil hat on

one weird difference between boston & lawrence, kansas is that folks in boston generally have the good sense to feel at least little bit of shame about adhering to a libertarian political platform. libertarians in lawrence just let it all hang out. i’m sure there are out & proud libertarians in boston, but i managedContinue reading “you can leave your tinfoil hat on”

hollaback again: beyond holladome

part one is here part two is here part three is here this is the last part, i swear! kendra complained about me bring critical of hollaback in various places, like on this blog & in conversations & stuff. she became very somber & said, “i have never been a part of an activist projectContinue reading “hollaback again: beyond holladome”

hollaback again: back 2 tha holla

part one is here part two is here i told kendra that if she felt that strongly about not wanting to organize a lawrence hollaback group with me, i respected that. she replied, “fine! fine! so we never have to organize anything politically or hang out socially ever again!” i am pretty sure i didContinue reading “hollaback again: back 2 tha holla”

hollaback again: electric holla-loo

part one is here. as soon as we had all gathered & sat down, i blazed through the notes i took. i included some of my own critiques & weird feelings, because i had written them in the notes anyway. one of the ladies listened & contributed interesting feedback (sometimes in agreement with me, sometimesContinue reading “hollaback again: electric holla-loo”

hollaback again: the holla-ing

well, i guess i have some more stuff to say about hollaback. & critique, & feminist education, & some other stuff. this is my preface so people know what topics they are going to encounter if they keep reading. if you don’t want to hear it, stop now, but i ask you to refrain fromContinue reading “hollaback again: the holla-ing”

so, yeah, this is about hollaback

last night jared & i watched a couple more episode of “treme”. it just seems like the thing to watch when it’s 93 degrees out & wicked humid. i read a TV review of something recently that said something like, “why do we watch TV that we feel is good for us, like ‘treme,’ insteadContinue reading “so, yeah, this is about hollaback”

my first love: making fun of nerds

today’s blog challenge prompt is “your first love”. i’m just gonna go ahead & say that i am not comfortable writing about lovey-dovey relationship things in public forums, like on blogs or in zines. nor am i comfortable when i read these kinds of things written by other people. obviously i don’t hide the factContinue reading “my first love: making fun of nerds”

on the fake martin luther king jr. quote

i used to be friends with a woman who loved quotes. she was really invested in social justice & she was like a wizard, she had a quote at the ready for pretty much any newsworthy event or occurence ever. it made me kind of uncomfortable, because the quotes generally functioned as trite bromides thatContinue reading “on the fake martin luther king jr. quote”