the great baby gender reveal question

i subscribe to “bitch” magazine. the latest issue showed up a week or two ago & i left it laying around on the coffee table while i finished reading library books with looming due dates. jared was flipping through it one night & he pointed out that there was a point/counterpoint feature on gender revealContinue reading “the great baby gender reveal question”

opting in…by co-opting the original research & writings of other feminists

well, this book could not possibly have been more disappointing. the subtitle is “having a child without losing yourself,” & based on that & the back cover blurb, i guess i was expecting a book about balancing motherhood with one’s feminist principles, & trying to create a society that values the contributions of mothers asContinue reading “opting in…by co-opting the original research & writings of other feminists”

a little something for the shoe fetishists

photo challenge day #6: a photo of your favorite shoes. i think this is a weird one. it’s difficult for me to wrap my mind around the idea of someone having favorite shoes. i mainly think of shoes as a tool to help me avoid contracting ringworm. if left to my own devices, i wearContinue reading “a little something for the shoe fetishists”

extortion is so punk rock

still taking a blogging break, but making a little time for an important issue. i know a lot of people who read this thing mainly know me through zine stuff, & people who know me that way are probably aware that i have been working on bringing to light joe biel’s (of microcosm publishing) historyContinue reading “extortion is so punk rock”

my history with the “allied media conference”, part one

i was talking with my friend jessika rae the other night on the phone. she lives in detroit, where the 2011 allied media conference recently happened. she told me about a few workshops she had attended, & how her role in the new zine library in detroit has been going. she mentioned a topic thatContinue reading “my history with the “allied media conference”, part one”

ack! don’t tell me about your weigh-in

spinster summer is going really well, but i have been kind of cranky & easily irritated lately anyway. i decided to follow through on the plan to go back to boston for my birthday. i had this more grandiose idea to fly into philly the week before & hang out with friends there for aContinue reading “ack! don’t tell me about your weigh-in”

exercising the poison pen

one of my older posts (this one) got picked up on tumblr the other day. it was only “retumbled” or whatever the term is a couple of times, but it resulted in a few hundred extra hits, & then was posted on some aggregator site. pretty weird. i never think anyone reads this thing, &Continue reading “exercising the poison pen”

you can leave your tinfoil hat on

one weird difference between boston & lawrence, kansas is that folks in boston generally have the good sense to feel at least little bit of shame about adhering to a libertarian political platform. libertarians in lawrence just let it all hang out. i’m sure there are out & proud libertarians in boston, but i managedContinue reading “you can leave your tinfoil hat on”

hollaback again: beyond holladome

part one is here part two is here part three is here this is the last part, i swear! kendra complained about me bring critical of hollaback in various places, like on this blog & in conversations & stuff. she became very somber & said, “i have never been a part of an activist projectContinue reading “hollaback again: beyond holladome”

hollaback again: back 2 tha holla

part one is here part two is here i told kendra that if she felt that strongly about not wanting to organize a lawrence hollaback group with me, i respected that. she replied, “fine! fine! so we never have to organize anything politically or hang out socially ever again!” i am pretty sure i didContinue reading “hollaback again: back 2 tha holla”