one more car!

i am starting to get pumped for spinster summer 2011! in two weeks, jared & i will be in boston. in three weeks, i will be back in lawrence, making my own way in the world. yesterday i practiced driving by myself for the very first time. i drove up to feminist book club, becauseContinue reading “one more car!”

let’s not & say we did

tomorrow marks thirty days since jared & i moved out of our new apartment & turned in the keys. thirty days, & our former landlord has not yet returned our security deposit. we met with a lawyer this morning, to make sure we understood the process for taking our ex-landlord to small claims court ifContinue reading “let’s not & say we did”

hollaback again: electric holla-loo

part one is here. as soon as we had all gathered & sat down, i blazed through the notes i took. i included some of my own critiques & weird feelings, because i had written them in the notes anyway. one of the ladies listened & contributed interesting feedback (sometimes in agreement with me, sometimesContinue reading “hollaback again: electric holla-loo”

ladies only fun club

sorry for the delay in writing a new post. i fucked up my wrist somehow & it hurts to do everything, from zipping my hoodie to opening doors to holding books to typing. i have mostly been laying on the couch under a quilt with charlotte, watching stuff on netflix. it’s sad. jared is inContinue reading “ladies only fun club”

disabled parenting: the pre-pre-show

i went to the doctor on monday to get a referral to an ob/gyn to get started on this whole baby-makin’ thing (not actually starting on it for real until after summer, but i wanted to establish a relationship with an ob/gyn in advance of conception) & to address some of my pain issues. theContinue reading “disabled parenting: the pre-pre-show”

all i need is a lanai & a caftan

i decided to take a chance on looking for a new doctor here in lawrence. i got myself a doctor shortly after i moved here so that i could get a prescription for birth control pills & a referral to a rheumatologist (because i was beginning to suspect that my osteoarthritis may have been misdiagnosed).Continue reading “all i need is a lanai & a caftan”

2010: year in review

1. what did you do in 2010 that you’d never done before? stayed in a hotel when i attended a zine fair. lived in philadelphia (just for a few months). attended a religious service. bought a car, with my name on the registration & everything. regularly cooked dinner for two people at least three timesContinue reading “2010: year in review”

hamster baby(sitters club)

i am trying to read a book about chronic pain, called the pain chronicles, but it is tedious work. the language is so dense & flowery & needlessly pretentious. there’s all this crap about deer falling through ice & pain as a metaphorical response to romantic love…i hope it gets better. i hope i canContinue reading “hamster baby(sitters club)”

i am disabled

i had a pretty difficult conversation today in which a good friend told me that she is jealous of the security my disability money provides. for those not in the know, i have been on disability since early 2003. i’m one of those lucky folks who was approved the first time i applied. i getContinue reading “i am disabled”

a writer’s guide to basic etiquette

been out of commission for a little while with a bad cold. i spent most of the last week sick in bed. i used the time to watch season four of “big love,” which was hilariously terrible. only nine episodes, & they managed to pack about seven thousand ridiculous storylines in there. i won’t spoilContinue reading “a writer’s guide to basic etiquette”