2003-2004, the crabigail review

all right, let’s try to finish this “decade in review” thing before 2010 is over. it’s taking me a long time because the distro is still sucking up all my time. all the zines i had were sold, but packaging them up & lugging them down to the post office (in more than a footContinue reading “2003-2004, the crabigail review”

big changes

sorry i haven’t posted here in like a week. i went back to “work” on monday (running my zine distro) & i felt really miserable, & after a couple of days of suffering, i decided to close up shop. i announced the closure on thursday afternoon (on the distro website & zine-related places around theContinue reading “big changes”

woe betide the blank…screen

since the beginning of time, man has wondered…can robots think? not really. i have just always wanted to start a piece of writing with that sentence. it is from an actual undergraduate paper graded by a friend of a friend of a friend, who was appropriately horrified that any college student would believe that a)Continue reading “woe betide the blank…screen”