the internet will kill (or bore) us all

i am falling down on the job of maintaining a regularly-updated blog, so i am going to fall back on that useful old crutch of hacks & frauds: gimmickry. alex wrekk came up with a 30-day photo challenge, & i’m going to try it. (which is not to say that alex is a hack orContinue reading “the internet will kill (or bore) us all”

fun a day! pies! cats! wishes!

so maybe people already know about fun-a-day. it’s been going on for a while now. the legends i have heard indicate that it was started like ten years ago by punk kids in philly who were concerned about getting bummed out & losing their motivation to do cool, creative projects during the wintertime. so theyContinue reading “fun a day! pies! cats! wishes!”

please join me in bringing a class-action lawsuit against “modelland”

i am feeling super-wiped out today for some reason & i just don’t think i have it in me to generate a blog post full of original content, so instead, please enjoy my book review of “modelland” by tyra banks. & bear in mind that this paperweight of horror clocked in at over 500 pages.Continue reading “please join me in bringing a class-action lawsuit against “modelland””

ms. excitement

jared & i are flying to boston tomorrow to visit with his family for the holidays. so today i have to do laundry, pack, clean up the house so i am not embarrassed in front of my cat-sitters, etc etc. i am not saying that i definitely won’t be posting any more blog entries inContinue reading “ms. excitement”

alive & more midwestern than ever before

my self-imposed hiatus has finally come to a close. i guess. i needed a break to finish up a personal writing project, & i did that last week. i wish it was something really exciting, like a novel or a zine or something, but…it wasn’t. let’s not speak of it again. i feel rusty atContinue reading “alive & more midwestern than ever before”

extortion is so punk rock

still taking a blogging break, but making a little time for an important issue. i know a lot of people who read this thing mainly know me through zine stuff, & people who know me that way are probably aware that i have been working on bringing to light joe biel’s (of microcosm publishing) historyContinue reading “extortion is so punk rock”

i don’t really want a community

i haven’t written here in so long that the wordpress website got kicked off my cache of most-frequented websites. even more shameful, internet solitaire replaced it. august was something of a lost month. i enjoyed my last few weeks of spinster summer by hanging out in a truck pool, going to some punk shows, goingContinue reading “i don’t really want a community”

so i turned 32 the other day

i received a really strange e-mail yesterday from some dude who works for a hydrotherapy equipment company. he said he had stumbled across some entry i wrote about taking a water aerobics class, & after ensuring me that water aerobics is 100% punk, he asked to write a guest entry on “the public perception ofContinue reading “so i turned 32 the other day”

exercising the poison pen

one of my older posts (this one) got picked up on tumblr the other day. it was only “retumbled” or whatever the term is a couple of times, but it resulted in a few hundred extra hits, & then was posted on some aggregator site. pretty weird. i never think anyone reads this thing, &Continue reading “exercising the poison pen”