on being a spinster

i am really starting to find it tedious when people ask me what my knuckle tattoos say (“spinster”) & then they gesture toward jared & say something witty like, “well, not anymore.” excuse me? are jared & i married? did we secretly get married & i just forgot about it? also, do you think that’sContinue reading “on being a spinster”

does this sound like prenatal depression?

maybe this will sound weird or ungrateful or something, but i think i have prenatal depression. the thrill of finally being pregnant wore off really quickly, & at first i thought it was being replaced by the panic of having to rustle up some funds to turn my house into a baby safe haven (auxiliaryContinue reading “does this sound like prenatal depression?”

saving your budget & your mental health while trying to get pregnant, part one

okay, i am not pregnant yet, but i feel like i know a lot of stuff about trying to conceive at this point, & maybe some of it will be useful to others. i’m also going to write about all the different stuff i have tried so the next time someone says to me, “youContinue reading “saving your budget & your mental health while trying to get pregnant, part one”

enter the blunderdome: HSG edition

well, i took jared to the airport on thursday morning so that he could fly off to massachusetts & present his research on historical responses to flooding in the connecticut river valley at a conference called “riverscaping”. his flight left at 7:30am, which means he had to be at the airport at 6:30am, which meansContinue reading “enter the blunderdome: HSG edition”

are you fucking with me?: a guide to modern manners

sometimes i really wonder what in the hell is the matter with people. i’ve had a few brushes lately with staggering (if unintentional) rudeness. it started with a comment on this very blog. so, it’s not a secret that i have some physical disabilities. i was born missing some of my lumbar vertebrae, which ledContinue reading “are you fucking with me?: a guide to modern manners”

damn it, pregnant ladies!

it’s time for another edition of everyone’s favorite blog topic: stuff about trying to get pregnant that annoys the crap out of me. or just makes me feel sad/weird. because i have no friends that are currently trying to conceive (or if i do, they are doing a way better job at keeping that infoContinue reading “damn it, pregnant ladies!”

little purple house for you & me

photo challenge, day #5: a photo of your home. this is going to be heavy on the photos because i am infatuated with my house. i love this house. after living in a series of horrific crapholes both before & after moving to lawrence, i sometimes think that we finally earned our right to liveContinue reading “little purple house for you & me”

back to square one

(this isn’t something originally written for my blog, which is why everything is capitalized properly. see, i can do it! this is about infertility & it’s pretty detailed, so you may not want to read on if you don’t give a rat’s ass about my sisyphean quest to get pregnant, or if you can’t handleContinue reading “back to square one”

a few of my favorite things (& a crazed rant about bingo)

alex’s photo challenge day two involves taking a photo of something you like. as one might imagine, this was challenging for me, because i prefer talking about things i don’t like. but jared & i both made new year’s resolutions to try to be a little more upbeat & positive in 2012. we made theseContinue reading “a few of my favorite things (& a crazed rant about bingo)”