cloth diapers: one month in

let’s talk cloth diapers. remember back when i was pregnant, & i was totally convinced that pocket diapers were the way to go? i did all this research on cloth diapers & somehow decided that pocket diapers would be the easiest & cutest option. obviously i wanted to diaper my child in the caviar-&-cristal ofContinue reading “cloth diapers: one month in”

is breast still best if it comes exclusively from a bottle?

i included a space on my to-do list to write a blog post about ramona’s third week of life, but she’s 25 days old now–halfway through her fourth week–& i want to write about something a little more immediate & relevant to my own life. guys, having a baby is difficult. not that i didn’tContinue reading “is breast still best if it comes exclusively from a bottle?”

how i wound up in the perinatal ICU

as a pregnant lady you know you are in for a tough time when your obstetrician calls you at home, on a sunday, when she is not the doctor on-call that weekend, & asks how you’re feeling. i mean, there’s compassionate medical care, & then there’s a clear emergency situation. the last time i updated,Continue reading “how i wound up in the perinatal ICU”

the worst day of my pregnancy, part one

yesterday was probably the worst day of my pregnancy so far. i hope i don’t have any other days that were that horrible. i wrote last week about some extra labs that my doctor ordered. i got the results back on monday, but i didn’t write about it because i guess i just needed aContinue reading “the worst day of my pregnancy, part one”

bumpwatch terror alert: week 16

i’ve decided that i need to emulate other pregnancy blogs out there & post a weekly bump update. so my game plan is to post every monday & we can all watch my bump grow together. just try not to think too hard about the fact that the baby contained therein is undoubtedly horrifically ugly.Continue reading “bumpwatch terror alert: week 16”

mr. or miss 15-week-old fetus america

everyone says the second trimester is a thing of wonder, a breather between the rollicking nausea & soul-deadening fatigue of the first trimester, & the non-stop discomfort & enormousness of the third. but thus far, i haven’t had much relief. i’m over fifteen weeks pregnant now, still nauseous, still exhausted. & now with extra hormone-inducedContinue reading “mr. or miss 15-week-old fetus america”

don’t fat-shame the pregnant ladies

one of my esteemed blog readers is just about as pregnant as i am (eleven weeks today! almost out of the first trimester!) & asked me if there are any websites or messageboards that i recommend for pregnant ladies who want to obsess about their pregnancies via the magic of the worldwide web. i didn’tContinue reading “don’t fat-shame the pregnant ladies”