going to portland

i think i have mentioned that i’m attending the portland zine symposium this year. i get in bright & early the friday morning before the event, & am leaving the monday afternoon following. i opted against stretching out my visit to make it a whole vacation like i did last year, because a) my portlandContinue reading “going to portland”

zinecraft, part two

(part one) it’s really frustrating, though, to be in a world where everyone gets a gold star when i was trying to hold myself to a different personal standard of quality writing. i got a very amusing e-mail a few months ago (anonymous, of course) from someone who hated the last zine i wrote (“loveContinue reading “zinecraft, part two”

zinecraft, part one

i have been hitting the library a lot since i got back to lawrence a few weeks ago. i’m so happy to have access to big stacks of books again, without having to spend any money on them. i love the lawrence library & i love that it’s only a few blocks away from myContinue reading “zinecraft, part one”

new apartment, new zine?

well. jared & i moved into our new apartment this weekend. i knew all along that our new apartment was pretty sweet (having seen it many times before while cat-sitting for previous tenants), but damn! it’s an awesome apartment! there’s a big spacious living room that wraps around & feeds into a small-ish kitchen. theContinue reading “new apartment, new zine?”

the toxic culture of support work

update: after i got the first couple of comments on this post, i went ahead & sent a brief, direct e-mail to the blogger in question, explaining how i felt about the way she referred to me & my writing. she was quick to apologize & posted an update on her blog clarifying her perspective.Continue reading “the toxic culture of support work”

missives from a misanthrope in south philly

i have been in philly for two weeks now. i haven’t written much because my internet connection here is not the most reliable. it goes in & out, sometimes for entire days at a stretch. but it seems pretty strong at the moment, so i’ll give this whole blog-writing thing a whirl. i’m sure allContinue reading “missives from a misanthrope in south philly”

getting rid of the anxiety freight

what’s up with the vast numbers of people that have been flocking to my blog recently? every day, the view count is higher than the day before–& they’re all breaking my (admittedly modest) records. & new subscribers are signing on at a steady clip as well. it’s not like anyone high-profile has linked to meContinue reading “getting rid of the anxiety freight”

housekeeping for the brain

augh! (as claudia kishi might say.) another week has gone by & i failed to recap “top model”. & last week’s episode was awesome, with jessica molesting nigel barker & the ridonkulous photo shoot concept (don’t buy knock-offs, ladies! you’re bleeding the fashion industry dry!) & angelea flashing her crotch during the challenge. every cycle,Continue reading “housekeeping for the brain”

make this the summer of the walk-in bear cave

first of all, sorry i didn’t recap last week’s episode of “top model”. i can’t believe a week has passed since my beloved simone got the boot & a new episode is on tonight! time flies. i wish i had better excuses for why i didn’t get around to it, besides just, “i read aContinue reading “make this the summer of the walk-in bear cave”