bumpwatch terror alert: week 29

one of my friends told me that she doesn’t understand these pregnancy photos & can’t gauge how big i am getting because of “the flash” in them. i was super-confused because i take these photos in a mirror & obviously don’t use any flash because i know it would obscure the image. i still haveContinue reading “bumpwatch terror alert: week 29”

the worst day of my pregnancy, part two

all of this took like an hour, & i still had a three-hour glucose test ahead of me. so i went back down to the lab & drank my horrible drink. i got lemon-lime flavor this time, which was even more disgusting than the tropical punch. i tried to curl up in the waiting roomContinue reading “the worst day of my pregnancy, part two”

bumpwatch terror alert: week 25

this pregnancy is racing by. only 15 weeks to go. it sounded like kind of a while until i realized that we’re talking fifteen weeks until jared & i become responsible for sustaining a tiny human life. not that i didn’t know that going in; it’s just kind of easy to lose sight of theContinue reading “bumpwatch terror alert: week 25”

bumpwatch terror alert: week 24

yesterday was bittersweet. on the one hand, i achieved gestational viability, which is something i’ve been looking forward to for months. a baby born at 24 months has a pretty decent shot at being kept alive (although, obviously, the earlier a baby is born, the more long-term health issues it potentially faces, so don’t expectContinue reading “bumpwatch terror alert: week 24”

bumpwatch terror alert: week 23

i got out my fancy blue dress yesterday because one of jared’s professors is leaving to take a long-term teaching assignment in china. he’s a pretty big deal. he kind of started the entire field of environmental history, which is what jared studies, & he’s a big reason why jared wanted to come to kansasContinue reading “bumpwatch terror alert: week 23”

i don’t know how to insure my child

needless to say, i have been gobbling up the parenting books in the past few months. some are funny, some are helpful, some are just obnoxious. some make me realize how many little things i haven’t even stopped to consider when it comes to this whole parenthood lark. the book i am reading right nowContinue reading “i don’t know how to insure my child”

i wouldn’t force this pregnancy stuff on my worst enemy

despite all my clever jokes, the pregnancy is definitely taking a turn for the uncomfortable & potentially worrisome. on sunday, i hit the pool hardcore while jared stayed home & did research. i usually try to do sixty laps at the pool, but my last session had been truncated by lightning, so i decided toContinue reading “i wouldn’t force this pregnancy stuff on my worst enemy”

second-guessing the baby registry

the other day, jared & i had dinner with a bunch of his history colleagues. a couple of them are taking off for the year on fellowship & everyone wanted to wish them bon voyage. everyone knows about the pregnancy & of course a few people wanted to yak with me about it. which madeContinue reading “second-guessing the baby registry”

being pregnant isn’t all bad…except when it is

i keep forgetting to tell funny stories about interactions i have related to my pregnancy because i get all caught up in the obnoxious interactions. okay, so sometime last week i went to the gap because they were having a big 60% off sale. i had a bought a t-shirt there a few weeks beforeContinue reading “being pregnant isn’t all bad…except when it is”

the great china-made cloth diaper debate

after my money-related freak-out earlier this morning, i spent practically all day researching cloth diapers. even before i got pregnant, i imagined that i would cloth diaper whenever i had a kiddo. while i am not necessarily gung ho 100% all about every facet of attachment parenting, & have in fact amused myself on aContinue reading “the great china-made cloth diaper debate”