stacey’s CHUD-free mistake

first, an aside: last night, i dreamed that i was a contestant on “project runway,” but we made clothes for cats instead of people. & everyone wanted my cat, charlotte, as a model, because she is large (“voluptuous” was the term used in the dream) & therefore served as a better stage for the designers’Continue reading “stacey’s CHUD-free mistake”

2005-2007, the crabigail review

i threw my back out the other day & writing has been a challenge since then. i can’t use my right arm much without excruciating pain. i’m seeing a new orthopedic specialist tomorrow to try to work out a more consistent treatment plan for my arthritis, so…good timing, i guess. this might also get inContinue reading “2005-2007, the crabigail review”

2009: year in review

i have been filling out this survey at the end of the every year for damn near ten years. that makes me feel very old. 1. what did you do in 2009 that you’d never done before? lived in kansas. went whale-watching. owned a pair of high heels. had a lipstick shade (l’oreal’s “make meContinue reading “2009: year in review”

i’m on distro vacation! yaaaaaaay!

what’s up with the weird rash of people that are suddenly being all sour grapes because distros decided against picking up their zines? “all these zine distros just carry the same shit anyway. they just have a few token out-lier zines to differentiate from one another & to look like they aren’t all the same.Continue reading “i’m on distro vacation! yaaaaaaay!”

the kansan sartorialist

today is an awesome day because 1) we leave for boston in a couple of days, 2) jared is officially finished with his first semester of grad school, 3) i just got home from my tattoo consultation & i think the pterodactyl tattoo has amazing potential, 4) i have whittled my to-do list down toContinue reading “the kansan sartorialist”

snickers candy bar, take me away!

so stressed out. jared & i are leaving for boston in less than a week, & i had this little fantasy that i could work hard & conquer my entire to-do list before we leave. & it is just not happening. the work is multiplying exponentially & taking over my life! i admit, my relationshipContinue reading “snickers candy bar, take me away!”

laura ingalls wilder is my therapist

i have been stressing out the last couple of days. i’ll be honest, jared & i had a bit of an argument on wednesday night. it might have involved a lot of crying on my part, & then possibly i went out & bought a pack of cigarettes because cigarettes are my last-ditch anxiety mediator.Continue reading “laura ingalls wilder is my therapist”

in which charlotte attacks & my mom is a crusty punk

the next-door neighbors, ailecia & alyssa, threw a housewarming party last night to christen their new house name: the cockpit. (don’t think about it too hard.) jared got his pre-game on in his typically classy fashion: look closely, you can see the olives. ailecia’s parties tend to be events. jared & i are not reallyContinue reading “in which charlotte attacks & my mom is a crusty punk”

woe betide the blank…screen

since the beginning of time, man has wondered…can robots think? not really. i have just always wanted to start a piece of writing with that sentence. it is from an actual undergraduate paper graded by a friend of a friend of a friend, who was appropriately horrified that any college student would believe that a)Continue reading “woe betide the blank…screen”