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broken foot blues

So, you know how at the end of the super-long post I wrote yesterday, I was all, “I’m totally going to be sewing more & blogging more, so watch this space!”

Well, this afternoon, I was walking home from dropping Ramona off for her last day of preschool. I was thinking about the hilarious adult onesie I was planning to make for my Halloween costume (I was going to be a mimic octopus pretending to be three poisonous sea snakes–it’s from an episode of “The Octonauts”) & how excited I was about the ten-yard roll of indigo stretch Cone Mills denim I just brought up to my sewing room. Time to sew ALL the jeans!

Leaves have been falling & there were big drifts of them all over the sidewalk. They were obscuring a loose brick in the sidewalk just twenty feet from my house. I tripped on it, fell down, & broke my foot. It’s my right foot: my sewing foot. Specifically, I broke the second metatarsal, right across the top of my foot. Right now it’s splinted, & I’m seeing the orthopedist next week. He’ll decide if I need a cast or if I can get away with just a boot. I’ll be on crutches for the next six weeks.

Photo on 10-27-17 at 7.25 PM #2 #2

So this really throws a hitch into my sewing plans. We’ll see if I am able to sew with my left foot instead, but obviously it’s going to be a challenge to hobble around my sewing room, cutting things out & pressing & all that good stuff, with a broken foot. My sewing room is also upstairs, & right now, my approach to stairs is to sit down & scoot up & down them on my butt, & then crawl to the closest piece of furniture & use it to help haul myself to my feet. I hurt my hand & my shoulder when I fell, so that’s kind of holding me back a little bit as well. I’ll probably have an easier time getting around once those heal up.

I also learned a few more interesting things about the preschool board, per the main topic of yesterday’s post:

1) One family on the board was so bound & determined to force our family out of the school, they threw down an ultimatum: “It’s them or us.”

2) The mother in this family also asked, “Why does Ciara even care so much about the tipi thing? She’s white.” Because, as we all know, calling out racism is the sole responsibility of people of color. White people should just kick back & bask in the comfort of their race privilege until some person of color comes along & makes things all uncomfy. </sarcasm>

3) Another board family trash-picked the tipi after the director threw it away, & their children have been playing with it at home for the last two months. Interestingly, this is a family that has told me that they agree with me about the tipi being an inappropriate toy.

So. Liars, racists, & hypocrites. Just in case there was ever any doubt.