the particular panic of barbecue side dishes

i don’t really think it’s entirely acceptable that amanda’s garden neighbor is currently playing guns n’ roses’s cover of “live & let die” at volumes that shake glass loose from their panes. & that before it came on, he said to me, “hi, neighbor.” no. if you must play guns n’ roses this loud, can’tContinue reading “the particular panic of barbecue side dishes”

missives from a misanthrope in south philly

i have been in philly for two weeks now. i haven’t written much because my internet connection here is not the most reliable. it goes in & out, sometimes for entire days at a stretch. but it seems pretty strong at the moment, so i’ll give this whole blog-writing thing a whirl. i’m sure allContinue reading “missives from a misanthrope in south philly”

greetings from shady pines: TV & fashion

i haven’t written in a while. & i did not recap the “top model” finale. once again, my apologies. but once the season is over, it’s really hard for me to muster up the energy to give a fuck, you know? krista won, i knew she would, raina was a finalist, i knew she wouldContinue reading “greetings from shady pines: TV & fashion”

long time, no talk

i haven’t updated in forever! well, almost two weeks. i don’t have any good excuses, but i guess i’ll try to do better. i’m not quite ready to fade away into obscurity. a fantastic five list of what’s been going on: 1) the main thing that has been distracting me from writing or doing muchContinue reading “long time, no talk”

death of a granny cart

remember that post i made the other day, about running errands & cleaning the house & sometimes a little homemaking maintenance activity can help relieve my stress & anxiety? i wrote a lot about the wire granny cart that i brought with me from boston. i used it to take recycling to the recycling depot,Continue reading “death of a granny cart”

laura ingalls wilder is my therapist

i have been stressing out the last couple of days. i’ll be honest, jared & i had a bit of an argument on wednesday night. it might have involved a lot of crying on my part, & then possibly i went out & bought a pack of cigarettes because cigarettes are my last-ditch anxiety mediator.Continue reading “laura ingalls wilder is my therapist”