we found a house!

our long national nightmare is over. we got the fabulous little house i wrote about a few days ago! the landlady called me yesterday & started giggling, which was a sign that she wasn’t going to give us bad news. we went over & signed the lease. we move in on may 1! the funnyContinue reading “we found a house!”

vintage management: slumlords

i think that looking for apartments is ruining my life. jared & i arranged to do another walk-through over at Tiny House the other day. Tiny House is a tiny house in east lawrence that we kind of liked. it has that old-house charm, wood floord, big yard, etc etc, but it’s only one bedroom.Continue reading “vintage management: slumlords”

apartment search 2011: move in june edition

the apartment search continues. i looked at two more apartments yesterday, both owned by the same couple. they were on the same quiet, well-located block (near downtown, the university, & the grocery store). the first was a two-bedroom on the second floor of a duplex. the doors & stairway were so comically narrow that iContinue reading “apartment search 2011: move in june edition”

apartment search 2011: crazy income requirement edition

i hate looking for new apartments. i don’t even know exactly why i am looking for a new apartment. my current apartment is fine. jared & i have the entire third-floor of a big three-story house that has been split into apartments. we have a huge living room with enough space for numerous bookcases, twoContinue reading “apartment search 2011: crazy income requirement edition”

winter survival guide, part two

perhaps ironically, i have been derailed from finishing my winter survival guide because it’s been so cold in lawrence. temperatures have been in the teens every night & it’s been bumming me out. i ordered cozy slippers on the interwebs last week (see last post: clothes), but they haven’t arrived yet, so my feet haveContinue reading “winter survival guide, part two”

i want to smoke but instead i’ll complain

jared & i are once again trying to quit smoking, so i am crankier than usual. we didn’t smoke at all on tuesday, but i knew i was hanging out with a smoker friend on wednesday night, so i broke down & bought a pack that afternoon. we finished it on thursday night, didn’t smokeContinue reading “i want to smoke but instead i’ll complain”

fall back…into a stupor

i didn’t expect the time change to affect me so intensely. jared & i went to bed last night at our usual time, around one in the morning. & we slept for like nine hours. we don’t usually sleep for that long. jared’s lucky to scrape six hours, & i tend to get around seven.Continue reading “fall back…into a stupor”

from the slug files

i have been feeling really low-energy recently. yesterday was monday, & i am different from garfield in that mondays are my favorite day of the week. (i am similar to garfield in that i love lasagna & hate spiders.) i always like the idea of a fresh start. that’s why i love the first dayContinue reading “from the slug files”

new apartment, new zine?

well. jared & i moved into our new apartment this weekend. i knew all along that our new apartment was pretty sweet (having seen it many times before while cat-sitting for previous tenants), but damn! it’s an awesome apartment! there’s a big spacious living room that wraps around & feeds into a small-ish kitchen. theContinue reading “new apartment, new zine?”

moving this weekend, among other things

i’m just clearing the decks from my last blog post, booting it off the top of the page…& making sure everyone scrolls down to read it by writing that. which is fine. i’m just not interested in having something so potentially controversial & incendiary topping the page when suddenly i am getting mad hits here.Continue reading “moving this weekend, among other things”