win a night with a baby warthog!

let’s talk anatomical development! ramona’s mucus membranes are starting to mature, which means she is producing mucus. lovely, huh? but that also means that she has all this snot & she doesn’t know what the fuck to do with it. it was kind of cute at first, because it just made her snore these adorableContinue reading “win a night with a baby warthog!”

places to stash the baby

parenthood really does change a person. i went to bed last night at 9pm. i did happen to be awake at midnight, because i had to get up to pump milk. jared was still up with ramona, dressing her up in various outfits, so we were able to ring in the new year together. kindContinue reading “places to stash the baby”

bumpwatch terror alert: week 19

front view: i’m almost to the halfway point! only a week to go! word on the street is that i now look “unmistakably pregnant”. that’s a quote from my therapist. it was cool to hear, but it was also kind of like, “oh, i really did maybe just look questionably fat before.” not that there’sContinue reading “bumpwatch terror alert: week 19”

all nesting all the time

in the past week & a half, i have been victimized by three different enormous spiders in the bathroom. the most recent horror was in the sink, desperately scrabbling up the basin to freedom, but being pulled back down by its own girth. jared captured all three & released them into the freedom of theContinue reading “all nesting all the time”

babies & cats: pretty much the same, right?

man. i took it upon myself to sweep the living room, which had not been touched in over a week. i did what i always do when i sweep the living room, which is close the closet door next to jared’s desk (he loves to leave it open, which is also his attitude toward allContinue reading “babies & cats: pretty much the same, right?”

the great china-made cloth diaper debate

after my money-related freak-out earlier this morning, i spent practically all day researching cloth diapers. even before i got pregnant, i imagined that i would cloth diaper whenever i had a kiddo. while i am not necessarily gung ho 100% all about every facet of attachment parenting, & have in fact amused myself on aContinue reading “the great china-made cloth diaper debate”

does this sound like prenatal depression?

maybe this will sound weird or ungrateful or something, but i think i have prenatal depression. the thrill of finally being pregnant wore off really quickly, & at first i thought it was being replaced by the panic of having to rustle up some funds to turn my house into a baby safe haven (auxiliaryContinue reading “does this sound like prenatal depression?”

how am i going to pay for this kid?

well, i’m like five weeks pregnant right now, & so far my primary symptoms are fatigue & extreme crabbiness. my doctor finally let me do another blood test on tuesday to confirm the pregnancy. i was 19 days post-ovulation by that point & my HGC levels came back at 1638. that’s a nice high number.Continue reading “how am i going to pay for this kid?”

are you fucking with me?: a guide to modern manners

sometimes i really wonder what in the hell is the matter with people. i’ve had a few brushes lately with staggering (if unintentional) rudeness. it started with a comment on this very blog. so, it’s not a secret that i have some physical disabilities. i was born missing some of my lumbar vertebrae, which ledContinue reading “are you fucking with me?: a guide to modern manners”

hopefully i’ll still be alive at the end of the month

i woke up yesterday in absolute agony. my entire upper back & neck were locked into place. i couldn’t look side to side or up or down without excruciating pain. i am no stranger to chronic back pain, but this is a new one for me. usually my pain is concentrated in my lower backContinue reading “hopefully i’ll still be alive at the end of the month”