2010: year in review

1. what did you do in 2010 that you’d never done before? stayed in a hotel when i attended a zine fair. lived in philadelphia (just for a few months). attended a religious service. bought a car, with my name on the registration & everything. regularly cooked dinner for two people at least three timesContinue reading “2010: year in review”

no one stole my kidney in san francisco

we’re back in home in kansas after our whirlwind trip to san francisco. i am exhausted. all i want to do is sleep & lay around wearing pajamas. i can’t believe that we’re turning right around & flying to boston in under 48 hours. there’s no logical reason for the trip to san francisco toContinue reading “no one stole my kidney in san francisco”

of minimal interest (with photos!)

i’ve been getting more comically hateful comments here than usual recently. that tends to happen when someone links to something i wrote months ago & suddenly people start flocking to the blog & sharing their goofy opinions. i usually don’t approve the comments of people who just come over to write things like, “you suck!”Continue reading “of minimal interest (with photos!)”

winter survival guide, part two

perhaps ironically, i have been derailed from finishing my winter survival guide because it’s been so cold in lawrence. temperatures have been in the teens every night & it’s been bumming me out. i ordered cozy slippers on the interwebs last week (see last post: clothes), but they haven’t arrived yet, so my feet haveContinue reading “winter survival guide, part two”

hamster baby(sitters club)

i am trying to read a book about chronic pain, called the pain chronicles, but it is tedious work. the language is so dense & flowery & needlessly pretentious. there’s all this crap about deer falling through ice & pain as a metaphorical response to romantic love…i hope it gets better. i hope i canContinue reading “hamster baby(sitters club)”

new depths of nerdosity

i asked & the people spoke. i have been having some trouble coming up with fiction ideas, so i tried my hand at a little fan fiction. sometimes it’s easier to come up with plotlines when you’re not simultaneously inventing characters from whole cloth. & because i am a total loser, i stole my charactersContinue reading “new depths of nerdosity”

you can write a novel while you’re pissed

i love when the first day of a new month falls on a monday. i am one of those weirdos that loves mondays. they are my favorite day of the week. i love the idea of a fresh start, & i get one every monday. & when it’s also a new month–double bonus! i thinkContinue reading “you can write a novel while you’re pissed”

a writer’s guide to basic etiquette

been out of commission for a little while with a bad cold. i spent most of the last week sick in bed. i used the time to watch season four of “big love,” which was hilariously terrible. only nine episodes, & they managed to pack about seven thousand ridiculous storylines in there. i won’t spoilContinue reading “a writer’s guide to basic etiquette”

zinecraft, part two

(part one) it’s really frustrating, though, to be in a world where everyone gets a gold star when i was trying to hold myself to a different personal standard of quality writing. i got a very amusing e-mail a few months ago (anonymous, of course) from someone who hated the last zine i wrote (“loveContinue reading “zinecraft, part two”