friends don’t make the best medicine

i recently got another letter from someone who said that she found me somewhat intimidating. i hear this all the time. constantly. probably the number one way that someone would describe me if asked is to say, “ciara xyerra? well, she’s really intimidating.” i’m not offended by this. i don’t think it’s meant in anContinue reading “friends don’t make the best medicine”

you can write a novel while you’re pissed

i love when the first day of a new month falls on a monday. i am one of those weirdos that loves mondays. they are my favorite day of the week. i love the idea of a fresh start, & i get one every monday. & when it’s also a new month–double bonus! i thinkContinue reading “you can write a novel while you’re pissed”

i am disabled

i had a pretty difficult conversation today in which a good friend told me that she is jealous of the security my disability money provides. for those not in the know, i have been on disability since early 2003. i’m one of those lucky folks who was approved the first time i applied. i getContinue reading “i am disabled”

from the slug files

i have been feeling really low-energy recently. yesterday was monday, & i am different from garfield in that mondays are my favorite day of the week. (i am similar to garfield in that i love lasagna & hate spiders.) i always like the idea of a fresh start. that’s why i love the first dayContinue reading “from the slug files”

why i don’t live in portland

i have been kind of sad since i got home from portland. this may be because i have been really tired since i got home from portland. i was splitting a hotel room with ericka all weekend, & ericka did not seem to be capable of sleeping past 7:30am, even if we didn’t go toContinue reading “why i don’t live in portland”

listen, everybody…especially you girls

i was going to write a big post about how to run a zine distro, but i got like 1800 words in (which is a lot), & i hadn’t even finished explaining how to get started. there’s just too much! i wanted to include all the different things i have learned, the good & theContinue reading “listen, everybody…especially you girls”

post-mortem the fourth

amanda & i are chillaxin’ at the red hook coffeeshop, waiting for our laundry to finish drying at the laundromat down the street. i was not at all interested in braving the triple-digit temperatures in order to do laundry, but ultimately, the heat will be easier to deal with if i’m doing it wearing aContinue reading “post-mortem the fourth”

it was a house of horrors

i thought i had a phone date with jared tonight, but…i guess i don’t. we just talked two days ago, & it did occur to me that it was kind of weird that we had arranged to talk again so soon, but i can’t imagine what day we did choose if it wasn’t today. soContinue reading “it was a house of horrors”

getting rid of the anxiety freight

what’s up with the vast numbers of people that have been flocking to my blog recently? every day, the view count is higher than the day before–& they’re all breaking my (admittedly modest) records. & new subscribers are signing on at a steady clip as well. it’s not like anyone high-profile has linked to meContinue reading “getting rid of the anxiety freight”

dear spinster aunt ciara #1

I am a 26-year-old queer woman living in Melbourne. I grew up in a fairly conservative, but loving, family who couldn’t always understand me, but at least tried to accept me. For as long as I can remember, I made things. I drew, crawled under my desk, and made up worlds. This progressed ’til IContinue reading “dear spinster aunt ciara #1”