don’t sleep

i accidentally stayed up all night on the fourth of july. jaimie came by at 8pm & we went out to get some dinner. then we drove out to the country, where we attended a huge, weird party with bands & hours upon hours of professional-grade fireworks, which are not illegal in kansas. away fromContinue reading “don’t sleep”

so, yeah, this is about hollaback

last night jared & i watched a couple more episode of “treme”. it just seems like the thing to watch when it’s 93 degrees out & wicked humid. i read a TV review of something recently that said something like, “why do we watch TV that we feel is good for us, like ‘treme,’ insteadContinue reading “so, yeah, this is about hollaback”

hello, it’s me

now that jared & i have been living in our new house for a week, i have to face the fact that i really am grappling with some depression issues. i suspected as much, but thought maybe i was just feeling anxious & emotional about all the bullshit involved with moving. i decided to waitContinue reading “hello, it’s me”

snake wall house or bust

the best laid plans. i made an exhaustive to-do list last week of everything that needed to get done by the time we move into our new house this weekend, but of course all kinds of other stuff came up & writing new posts here fell by the wayside. i kind of had a meltdownContinue reading “snake wall house or bust”

springtime in kansas…ugh

i continue to be vaguely depressed & anxious. the problem with depression & anxiety is that they do not necessarily have reasons for being, so there isn’t really anything i can do to address them. i am just trying to muddle along. jared is on spring break this week, but it hasn’t really been asContinue reading “springtime in kansas…ugh”

the ghost of sartorially-challenged boyfriends past

i polished off every item on my to-do list over the weekend (an occasion that happens maybe once or twice a year) & now i am at loose ends. my to-do list of course started over again on monday morning with all my weekly tasks, but it’s kind of weird not to have anything hugeContinue reading “the ghost of sartorially-challenged boyfriends past”

whose sixth birthday was worse? mine or claudia’s?

i have been in the process of learning how to drive for the last month or so. at first, this took the form of driving while jared & i ran errands, like getting groceries, going to the laundromat, or seeing a movie. then we realized that if we just counted on those driving excursions forContinue reading “whose sixth birthday was worse? mine or claudia’s?”

state of the ciara address, winter 2011

first of all, my apologies for the fact this blog seems to be turning into a repository for book reviews. not that anyone has been complaining. but i feel kind of guilty because i do not write the book reviews specifically for the blog. i post reviews here when i feel like i need someContinue reading “state of the ciara address, winter 2011”

first world problems: i gots ’em

i’m trying to stick to my blog publishing schedule, although i am starting to think that i have a really unrealistic perception of how to best manage my time. well, i guess i’m not “starting” to think that. i’ve actually thought it for years. there’s kind of a lot going on this month. next wednesday,Continue reading “first world problems: i gots ’em”

winter survival guide, part two

perhaps ironically, i have been derailed from finishing my winter survival guide because it’s been so cold in lawrence. temperatures have been in the teens every night & it’s been bumming me out. i ordered cozy slippers on the interwebs last week (see last post: clothes), but they haven’t arrived yet, so my feet haveContinue reading “winter survival guide, part two”