winter survival guide, part one

it’s no secret that i hate winter. it’s my most loathed of all seasons. i hate cold weather, i hate snow, i hate ice. i hate having to layer my pants. something about putting on two pairs of pants (thermal & regular) really bugs me. i hate how no one in lawrence properly shovels theirContinue reading “winter survival guide, part one”

zine housekeeping

i did an interview with things you say distro for the new “featured zine” element erin has added to the website. the featured zine this month is “love letters to monsters” #2. i’m out of copies for good, but things you say & maybe a few other distros still have it. erin is also doingContinue reading “zine housekeeping”

post-mortem the fourth

amanda & i are chillaxin’ at the red hook coffeeshop, waiting for our laundry to finish drying at the laundromat down the street. i was not at all interested in braving the triple-digit temperatures in order to do laundry, but ultimately, the heat will be easier to deal with if i’m doing it wearing aContinue reading “post-mortem the fourth”

the madness of being without library card access

i am so bored. i can’t get a library card in philadelphia because i have no proof of residency here (no lease, utility bills, paycheck stubs). i made a few unfortunate choices when i selected books to pack. i thought this would be the summer that i finally finished reading anais nin’s diaries, forgetting thatContinue reading “the madness of being without library card access”

officially over the lower east side

i went to new york city this past weekend to visit jared. his sojourn in the adirondacks has finally come to a close & he is now ensconced, along with his research cohort, in international house, up on riverside drive. he told me that some of the group were expressing some rather out-moded anxieties aboutContinue reading “officially over the lower east side”

greetings from shady pines: TV & fashion

i haven’t written in a while. & i did not recap the “top model” finale. once again, my apologies. but once the season is over, it’s really hard for me to muster up the energy to give a fuck, you know? krista won, i knew she would, raina was a finalist, i knew she wouldContinue reading “greetings from shady pines: TV & fashion”

a few thoughts on a “riot grrrl revival”…& spring clothes

amber recently wrote a post for her blog (see side bar) in which she quoted a fair chunk of an e-mail i’d sent her, trying to make sense of how i feel about the idea of a “riot grrrl revival” (i’m not feeling great about it). this is what she quoted: “…i realized: those ofContinue reading “a few thoughts on a “riot grrrl revival”…& spring clothes”

it’s the first day of spring!

what the hell is going on? lawrence was hammered last night by a mondo late season blizzard, & the snow is in fact still falling. yesterday was gorgeous. i wore my ruffle-collar swing coat downtown & had to remove it for the walk home because i was too warm in just a thermal & thinContinue reading “it’s the first day of spring!”

the kansan sartorialist

today is an awesome day because 1) we leave for boston in a couple of days, 2) jared is officially finished with his first semester of grad school, 3) i just got home from my tattoo consultation & i think the pterodactyl tattoo has amazing potential, 4) i have whittled my to-do list down toContinue reading “the kansan sartorialist”