bumpwatch terror alert: week 23

i got out my fancy blue dress yesterday because one of jared’s professors is leaving to take a long-term teaching assignment in china. he’s a pretty big deal. he kind of started the entire field of environmental history, which is what jared studies, & he’s a big reason why jared wanted to come to kansasContinue reading “bumpwatch terror alert: week 23”

bumpwatch terror alert: week 22

we’ve hit kind of a boring point in the pregnancy. a lot of the pain issues i was dealing with last week have resolved (temporarily, at least) & nothing too exciting or horrible has cropped up to replace them. i did have a few days of blind panic over the whole baby health insurance situation,Continue reading “bumpwatch terror alert: week 22”

bumpwatch terror alert: week 21

i can’t believe i am already over 21 weeks pregnant! though i can kind of believe it because it has gotten rough. last week, jared & i decided to trade sides of the bed. we have lived together for over four years, & i have always preferred to be the one that sleeps closer toContinue reading “bumpwatch terror alert: week 21”

bumpwatch terror alert: week 20

i hit 20 weeks yesterday! what a milestone. i celebrated by buying a new pair of maternity jeans (pro-tip: full-panel maternity jeans from target may actually fit better than full-panel maternity jeans from the gap, & they cost half as much) & going out for a turkey sandwich & a chocolate chip cookie before passingContinue reading “bumpwatch terror alert: week 20”

bumpwatch terror alert: week 19

front view: i’m almost to the halfway point! only a week to go! word on the street is that i now look “unmistakably pregnant”. that’s a quote from my therapist. it was cool to hear, but it was also kind of like, “oh, i really did maybe just look questionably fat before.” not that there’sContinue reading “bumpwatch terror alert: week 19”

bumpwatch terror alert: week 18

i have been incommunicado because i have finally been experiencing the much ballyhooed second trimester energy boost! & it only took until i was like 18 weeks pregnant. i’ve been taking care of a bunch of other responsibilities that completely fell by the wayside once i got pregnant. for instance, i have been keeping aContinue reading “bumpwatch terror alert: week 18”

bumpwatch terror alert: 17 weeks, part two

i really just have more stuff to write about, hence the part two. here’s a bonus 17-week maternity swimsuit photo (unaltered) to ease us in. so, i’m totally stoked & simultaneously a little chagrined that it took me 17 weeks of pregnancy (plus the eight solid months of trying to conceive, plus the two yearsContinue reading “bumpwatch terror alert: 17 weeks, part two”

bumpwatch terror alert: week 17

it’s saturday! which means i get to knock another week off my pregnancy countdown. let’s go to the photo: eventually i want to do one with the dripping blood font, but i worry that it’s in poor taste. so i am easing into the world of poor taste by taking a maternity bathing suit photo.Continue reading “bumpwatch terror alert: week 17”

bumpwatch terror alert: week 16

i’ve decided that i need to emulate other pregnancy blogs out there & post a weekly bump update. so my game plan is to post every monday & we can all watch my bump grow together. just try not to think too hard about the fact that the baby contained therein is undoubtedly horrifically ugly.Continue reading “bumpwatch terror alert: week 16”