we found a house!

our long national nightmare is over. we got the fabulous little house i wrote about a few days ago! the landlady called me yesterday & started giggling, which was a sign that she wasn’t going to give us bad news. we went over & signed the lease. we move in on may 1! the funnyContinue reading “we found a house!”

now with 300% more cat photos

today jared & i took a walk in fifteen-degree weather. we went to the library, picked up some new books & movies & CDs. we passed the united way building on our walk, & noted that someone had built an enormous snow penis on the lawn. i really don’t think people build enough snow penises.Continue reading “now with 300% more cat photos”

first world problems: i gots ’em

i’m trying to stick to my blog publishing schedule, although i am starting to think that i have a really unrealistic perception of how to best manage my time. well, i guess i’m not “starting” to think that. i’ve actually thought it for years. there’s kind of a lot going on this month. next wednesday,Continue reading “first world problems: i gots ’em”

new depths of nerdosity

i asked & the people spoke. i have been having some trouble coming up with fiction ideas, so i tried my hand at a little fan fiction. sometimes it’s easier to come up with plotlines when you’re not simultaneously inventing characters from whole cloth. & because i am a total loser, i stole my charactersContinue reading “new depths of nerdosity”

a few thoughts on a “riot grrrl revival”…& spring clothes

amber recently wrote a post for her blog (see side bar) in which she quoted a fair chunk of an e-mail i’d sent her, trying to make sense of how i feel about the idea of a “riot grrrl revival” (i’m not feeling great about it). this is what she quoted: “…i realized: those ofContinue reading “a few thoughts on a “riot grrrl revival”…& spring clothes”

2003-2004, the crabigail review

all right, let’s try to finish this “decade in review” thing before 2010 is over. it’s taking me a long time because the distro is still sucking up all my time. all the zines i had were sold, but packaging them up & lugging them down to the post office (in more than a footContinue reading “2003-2004, the crabigail review”

2000-2002, the crabigail review

a few folks have been recapping the decade from their personal perspective, now that we have collectively moved on to the teens. i like this idea, so i am stealing it. maybe it will help my mysterious readers (over one hundred hits on december 29? who are you people?) get to know me better. 2000Continue reading “2000-2002, the crabigail review”

i’m on distro vacation! yaaaaaaay!

what’s up with the weird rash of people that are suddenly being all sour grapes because distros decided against picking up their zines? “all these zine distros just carry the same shit anyway. they just have a few token out-lier zines to differentiate from one another & to look like they aren’t all the same.Continue reading “i’m on distro vacation! yaaaaaaay!”