back to square one

(this isn’t something originally written for my blog, which is why everything is capitalized properly. see, i can do it! this is about infertility & it’s pretty detailed, so you may not want to read on if you don’t give a rat’s ass about my sisyphean quest to get pregnant, or if you can’t handleContinue reading “back to square one”

the internet will kill (or bore) us all

i am falling down on the job of maintaining a regularly-updated blog, so i am going to fall back on that useful old crutch of hacks & frauds: gimmickry. alex wrekk came up with a 30-day photo challenge, & i’m going to try it. (which is not to say that alex is a hack orContinue reading “the internet will kill (or bore) us all”

kansas city punks & pharmacy disappointments

jared & i went to kansas city last week. some friends from grad school recommended that we check out the plaza. it was unclear to me whether they were suggesting that it was a cool place to hang out or if they thought it was neat because it had historical significance. all i knew isContinue reading “kansas city punks & pharmacy disappointments”

baby rabies: the next frontier

i just got home home from seeing my ob/gyn. i now have an official diagnosis of infertility. i am not that freaked out because doctors hand down that diagnosis when you have been having sex for more than a year without any hormonal or barrier method birth control in play. they don’t count fertility awareness/avoidingContinue reading “baby rabies: the next frontier”

2011: crabigail looks back

1. what did you do in 2011 that you’d never done before? stayed at a bed & breakfast. passed my driver’s license test. ate bok choy. TRUCK POOL. threw a snowball at a cat. made soup from scratch. lived in my very own (rental) house as an adult! no sharing walls/floors/ceilings with neighbors or roommatesContinue reading “2011: crabigail looks back”

ms. excitement

jared & i are flying to boston tomorrow to visit with his family for the holidays. so today i have to do laundry, pack, clean up the house so i am not embarrassed in front of my cat-sitters, etc etc. i am not saying that i definitely won’t be posting any more blog entries inContinue reading “ms. excitement”

alive & more midwestern than ever before

my self-imposed hiatus has finally come to a close. i guess. i needed a break to finish up a personal writing project, & i did that last week. i wish it was something really exciting, like a novel or a zine or something, but…it wasn’t. let’s not speak of it again. i feel rusty atContinue reading “alive & more midwestern than ever before”