my history with the “allied media conference”, part one

i was talking with my friend jessika rae the other night on the phone. she lives in detroit, where the 2011 allied media conference recently happened. she told me about a few workshops she had attended, & how her role in the new zine library in detroit has been going. she mentioned a topic thatContinue reading “my history with the “allied media conference”, part one”

in honor of mother’s day

the other night, i was thinking about these two cats my family had when i was a child. there was a black one named primo, & a fluffy black & white one named groucho. groucho was not at all grouchy. she had a black mark that resembled a bushy mustache right under her nose. youContinue reading “in honor of mother’s day”

hotties gonna hot

i was thinking about four years ago, when i did my residency at the anchor archive (now called the robert street social center) in halifax. i had recently started a myspace profile for my cat, charlotte, because it was 2007 & people that were not in bands or styling themselves as emcees still used myspaceContinue reading “hotties gonna hot”

hello, it’s me

now that jared & i have been living in our new house for a week, i have to face the fact that i really am grappling with some depression issues. i suspected as much, but thought maybe i was just feeling anxious & emotional about all the bullshit involved with moving. i decided to waitContinue reading “hello, it’s me”

accommodation vs. adaptability, or why social justice movements are their own worst enemy: part one

i have been thinking a lot recently about the desire to be accommodated versus the responsibility to be adaptable. part of it has been part of a progression of thoughts on my post how this blog is not a safe space, part of it has been various things i have read or experienced in myContinue reading “accommodation vs. adaptability, or why social justice movements are their own worst enemy: part one”

the ghost of sartorially-challenged boyfriends past

i polished off every item on my to-do list over the weekend (an occasion that happens maybe once or twice a year) & now i am at loose ends. my to-do list of course started over again on monday morning with all my weekly tasks, but it’s kind of weird not to have anything hugeContinue reading “the ghost of sartorially-challenged boyfriends past”

whose sixth birthday was worse? mine or claudia’s?

i have been in the process of learning how to drive for the last month or so. at first, this took the form of driving while jared & i ran errands, like getting groceries, going to the laundromat, or seeing a movie. then we realized that if we just counted on those driving excursions forContinue reading “whose sixth birthday was worse? mine or claudia’s?”

we found a house!

our long national nightmare is over. we got the fabulous little house i wrote about a few days ago! the landlady called me yesterday & started giggling, which was a sign that she wasn’t going to give us bad news. we went over & signed the lease. we move in on may 1! the funnyContinue reading “we found a house!”

maybe i’ll just live in a box

my long, exhausting quest to find lodging in lawrence, ks continues. last week i met with a city prosecutor in order to learn more about my legal rights around my landlord’s retaliatory decision not to renew our current lease after we called the city on him in order to force him to install our legallyContinue reading “maybe i’ll just live in a box”

this got darker than i expected

i feel like i am losing my mind. i feel like i have been reading the new yorker stories by ann beattie non-stop for my entire life. i feel like i have never read any other book & that i never will read any other book. this, in case it’s not obvious, is not aContinue reading “this got darker than i expected”