can a cat be a friend?

photo challenge day #4: a picture of you & your best friend. seeing as i am 32 & not twelve, i don’t really have a best friend. but i have some tights bros. jessika rae is the person who convinced me to start going to NCOR (national conference on organized resistance). i went for twoContinue reading “can a cat be a friend?”

i call it crazy refrigerator lady blush sauce

photo challenge day #3: take a photo of something you ate. oh, girl. i can tell you about something i ate! okay, many years ago, before i was even dating jared, & i lived with this crusty punk couple. i had a surprisingly rocky relationship with them. sometimes we got along beautifully, drinking beers &Continue reading “i call it crazy refrigerator lady blush sauce”

more than you ever wanted to know about american girl

so, it’s wintertime, it’s getting chilly outside, & that is perfect weather for staying at home, curled up on the couch, reading my way through big stacks of library books. recently i have become somewhat obsessed with reading american girl books, especially the canonical six-book series that accompanies each historical character. american girl is aContinue reading “more than you ever wanted to know about american girl”

alive & more midwestern than ever before

my self-imposed hiatus has finally come to a close. i guess. i needed a break to finish up a personal writing project, & i did that last week. i wish it was something really exciting, like a novel or a zine or something, but…it wasn’t. let’s not speak of it again. i feel rusty atContinue reading “alive & more midwestern than ever before”

relationships actually are

i haven’t posted here in so long, i don’t know if i remember how. okay, it’s only been three weeks. but still. spinster summer is all over now. jared got home last week. today he started school. having him back home has been good. but also very intense. saturday was literally the most intense dayContinue reading “relationships actually are”

friend appreciation month

one of my primary objectives for spinster summer was to shore up my relationships with people other than my boyfriend, & i think it’s been quite a success. i have never wanted to be one of those people who retreats into a romantic relationship. i have also never been a person who is really concernedContinue reading “friend appreciation month”

my history with the “allied media conference”, part four

this is part four of a multi-part post. part one is here. part two is here. part three is here. once we had coffee & signs up, jason reverted to being less than helpful. i don’t remember everything that happened that weekend, but one thing i remember vividly is the frustration i felt over jen’sContinue reading “my history with the “allied media conference”, part four”

my history with the “allied media conference”, part three

this is part three in a multi-part post. part one is here. part two is here. when jason learned about the existence of the midwest underground media symposium, he panicked. he called an emergency zine conference meeting & declared that he was quitting. “what’s the point? there already is a zine conference. & it’s evenContinue reading “my history with the “allied media conference”, part three”

my history with the “allied media conference”, part two

this is part two of a multi-part history. part one is here. jason & i started meeting once a week to hash out plans for what we decided to call the bowling green zine conference. we definitely tried to come up with a more clever name, but could never settle on anything. i publicized theContinue reading “my history with the “allied media conference”, part two”