babysitters island adventure…on the island from “lost”

this book is hilariously ridiculous. it’s amazing that the plots of the super specials went off the rails so early. the premise is that stoneybrook is suddenly right on the water, complete with a community center where people can take boating lessons. dawn & claudia have both completed sailing training, & they decide to haveContinue reading “babysitters island adventure…on the island from “lost””

missing tigger: a melodrama starring mary anne spier

ugh. mary anne spier at her worst. this is my educational & enlightening recap of babysitters club book #24, mary anne & the search for tigger . so, mary anne’s dad used to be kind of over-protective because he’s a single parent & was trying too hard to be both mom & dad to her.Continue reading “missing tigger: a melodrama starring mary anne spier”

the madness of being without library card access

i am so bored. i can’t get a library card in philadelphia because i have no proof of residency here (no lease, utility bills, paycheck stubs). i made a few unfortunate choices when i selected books to pack. i thought this would be the summer that i finally finished reading anais nin’s diaries, forgetting thatContinue reading “the madness of being without library card access”

odds & ends…not very inspired

1. there has been something wrong with my back for several weeks now. there is always something wrong with it, because i am missing vertebrae & i have scoliosis & i am riddled with arthritis & several of my vertebrae are disintegrating. but this is a new wrong. there’s some kind of weird bump mid-spineContinue reading “odds & ends…not very inspired”

give me blog recommendations

i want to add some new blogs to my daily reading! i like to read blogs written by people i know (well or vaguely) through zines, which means, if you are reading this because you have read my zines, & you happen to have a blog you update occasionally, give me the address! i alsoContinue reading “give me blog recommendations”