personal challenge memoir #5: not buying it

i gave this book four stars on goodreads, but i definitely think it’s worth checking out some of the one-star reviews over on that website. they made a lot of excellent points & offered critiques so that i didn’t have to in this review. i doled out four stars not so much because the conceptContinue reading “personal challenge memoir #5: not buying it”

my first love: making fun of nerds

today’s blog challenge prompt is “your first love”. i’m just gonna go ahead & say that i am not comfortable writing about lovey-dovey relationship things in public forums, like on blogs or in zines. nor am i comfortable when i read these kinds of things written by other people. obviously i don’t hide the factContinue reading “my first love: making fun of nerds”

personal challenge memoir #4: a year without made in china

i have determined that the folks who write reviews at goodreads are an amazingly charitable group, so the fact that this book has more one-star reviews that five-star reviews really speak volumes. personally, i wish there was some sort of dark limbo available between “it was awful” & “it was okay”. because i don’t thinkContinue reading “personal challenge memoir #4: a year without made in china”

girls to the front say what?

so i’m getting ready to move into my adorable little bungalow, & slowly packing up the current apartment. i started boxing up my office yesterday & don’t know what to do with the box of zines i have left from last summer. i have maybe forty copies left of “love letters to monsters” #3/”alamaba grrrl”Continue reading “girls to the front say what?”

how is it april already?

so, jared & i are moving into our new house in less than a month. i’m going to try to keep up with my to-do lists (including the routine update here) while we are preparing for the move, but considering that we haven’t even started packing yet…we’ll see how it goes. we also have notContinue reading “how is it april already?”

whose sixth birthday was worse? mine or claudia’s?

i have been in the process of learning how to drive for the last month or so. at first, this took the form of driving while jared & i ran errands, like getting groceries, going to the laundromat, or seeing a movie. then we realized that if we just counted on those driving excursions forContinue reading “whose sixth birthday was worse? mine or claudia’s?”

claudia & crazy peaches…& i mean that in the pejorative sense

suddenly it is fall again in stoneybrook. the older babysitters are still in the eighth grade, while jessi & mallory are still in sixth grade. no one really mentions the fact that a new school year just started or that several summers, xmases, halloweens, etc, have gone by without anyone aging at all. claudia isContinue reading “claudia & crazy peaches…& i mean that in the pejorative sense”

feminism is for everybody, but this book sucks

i kind of live-blogged this book on facebook while i was re-reading it. yes, i originally read it shortly after it was released, because i loved bell hooks back then & felt she could do no wrong as a feminist theorist. this book was my first hint that she can do some pretty serious wrong.Continue reading “feminism is for everybody, but this book sucks”

the best/worst babysitters club mystery EVER?

stacey & the mystery at the mall is TERRIBLE. but it’s so terrible that it became amazing. that seems to be the case with a lot of the mystery books. picture it, lawrence, kansas, 2011: i have a cold, i feel like crap, i’m laying in bed & reading this book to pass the timeContinue reading “the best/worst babysitters club mystery EVER?”

personal challenge memoir review #3: farewell, my subaru

i am sick, yet again. this is my second cold in less than a month. & there’s a blizzard raging outside. we’ve probably gotten about a foot of snow so far & it’s not slowing down much. so i have tucked myself into bed with a stack of cheesy madeline wickham novels & some genericContinue reading “personal challenge memoir review #3: farewell, my subaru”