#365DaysofSewing: week 1

day 1: Today was a travel day. We flew home to Lawrence from Boston. So I needed a mobile sewing project. I wound up doing some cross stitching in the morning before we had to leave for the airport. I thought about bringing my cross stitching on to the plane with me, but decided notContinue reading “#365DaysofSewing: week 1”

achievement unlocked: two Toaster sweaters

I have finished garments to show! I made two Toaster sweaters. The pattern is by Sew House Seven, & I used the version that was licensed to Simplicity–pattern number 8529. It only cost me a buck in one of the $1 Simplicity sales at JoAnn. For a while, I was like, “Who needs patterns! I’mContinue reading “achievement unlocked: two Toaster sweaters”

behold my sewing planning spreadsheet!

I haven’t posted recently because, you know, my foot is still broken. It actually had to be casted. I chose pink, of course. I’ve never broken a significant bone before (maybe a few odd fingers & toes over the years, but nothing I ever saw a doctor about), so this is a whole new experienceContinue reading “behold my sewing planning spreadsheet!”

achievement unlocked: doll-sized Captain Barnacles costume

Allow me to inject a little terror into your blog reader this morning. It’s almost Halloween, after all! I wrote the other day about my blog make-over, & the new blog I’ve started to document my doll clothes-making. I’m keeping the doll stuff separate from this space, mostly, because I know most of my readersContinue reading “achievement unlocked: doll-sized Captain Barnacles costume”

achievement unlocked: asymmetrical Mrs. Stylebook skirt

I am finally blogging this skirt that I made a month ago! This is a skirt from the Japanese sewing magazine “Mrs. Stylebook”–specifically the high summer 2017 issue, which I bought on Etsy from a seller in Japan. I like the idea of sewing magazines because it’s potentially a lot of bang for your buck.Continue reading “achievement unlocked: asymmetrical Mrs. Stylebook skirt”