January sewing plans: better late than never

I drew this cardinal.

It’s January 22. What better time to sit down & share my January sewing plans? Especially since they’re going so well. My goal is to complete an average of ten items per month, & I’ve already finished…one. Yeah, at this rate, I’m going to have to churn out a finished item every day for the rest of the month to hit my goal, & that is simply not going to happen. I’ve been in various stages of having colds all month (current status: full-on 100% sick), & I feel guilty about every minute I spend sewing at my studio because I SHOULD be finishing up the remodel on my new studio. I’m only paying rent on one space, but I’m taking up two. There’s not even that much left to do: a little priming, painting three walls, & deciding what to do about the floor. I’m torn between just mopping it, or mopping it & then painting it white. (It’s cement.) But I resent every minute I spend working on the new space because I WANT to be sewing.

Anyway. Let’s just pretend that it’s early January, my studio space is in order, & I am in perfect health. What am I planning to sew this month?!


1) cream French terry embellished Jenna cardigan. This is the one project I’ve finished, & it wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye until a week & a half ago, when the first round of the Pattern Review Sewing Bee was announced. But that’s the magic of making your to-do list after the fact. Feels good to get to cross something off right away!

challenges fulfilled: Pattern Review Sewing Bee round one, Sewalongs & Sewing Contests Inside Out Capsule Quartet


2) Ramona’s 2017 cross stitched birthday portrait. Yes, I am still doing these! I started the 2017 portrait (Ramona’s fifth birthday) in August & finished it shortly after the New Year. It still needs to be washed, pressed, & hooped before I will consider it officially done. Maybe I should take care of that today.

challenges fulfilled: Ramona portrait series


3) internal stitchdown work boots. These will be done before the end of the month because I am taking a four-day workshop in which I will be making them, starting on Thursday. (I hope this cold is gone by then!) I’m still unclear of the design specs, but I know I’ll be using black leather because th instructor is providing it. I might also bring some pink leather I have in my stash for a two-tone look. & I’d like to do some broguing or scalloping as well. We’ll see!

challenges fulfilled: #makenine2019, winter sudoku capsule

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 4.52.36 pm
4) pink linen True Bias Lander pants. I have a lot of concerns about the crotch fit on this pattern, but…it seems to work for me on a fabric that relaxes well. The medium-weight pink linen I’m using for this pair relaxes maybe a little TOO well. Cutting the pants out was a nightmare because it kept wiggling off-grain. These might be a hot mess, with leg twist all over the place. I hope not, because I definitely need some pink pants in my wardrobe, & I splashed out on some really special buttons for the fly.

challenges fulfilled: Sewalongs & Sewing Contests Inside Out Capsule Quartet, Let’s Sew Fancy Pants, #sew3unsewn (UFO), winter sudoku capsule, SWAP 2019

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 5.14.21 pm

5) Christmas pajamas for Ramona. I splashed out on some expensive cotton jersey from Spoonflower to make Christmas pajamas according to Ramona’s specification. She wanted Santas, presents, & reindeer in the print. Then I got deathly ill & didn’t get the pajamas done in time for the holiday. But she still asks for them every time I go to the studio, & the pattern I use is a really simple TNT, so I should just do it.

challenges fulfilled: Monthly Stitch Amnesty Day (Unselfish Sewing)


6) cat print Butterick 6344. This is a sundress pattern, with a tie-shoulder detail & a maxiskirt. Completely inappropriate for January. But I really want to use the fabric, & I had th idea to shirr the back for a closer fit (& so I can tell the back from the front). This is just one of those “I want to make it, so I’ll make it” projects.

challenges fulfilled: Monthly Stitch Seasonally Inappropriate, #sewtwistsandties

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 4.57.52 pm
7) corduroy Vogue 1411 pants. I’ve been wearing my original V1411 pants a ton lately, & decided I could really use another pair. I had this black stretch corduroy in my stash that I had been saving to use with a jeans pattern at some point, but…I used it for this instead. They’re almost done. I just had to complicate the matter by deciding to cross stitch the back pockets.

challenges fulfilled: Let’s Sew Fancy Pants, #sew3unsewn (fabric), winter sudoku capsule, SWAP 2019

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 5.06.10 pm

8) skirt with panel detail, from Stylish Skirts, a Japanese sewing book. I checked this book out of the library, so I should maybe try to make the skirt before I need to return it. I’m hoping I have enough yardage left over from those pink linen Lander pants to gt this skirt out of it. I know I just complained about how fiddly & wiggly the fabric is, but it has a really cool texture that would look great with this skirt. Otherwise, I’ll have to paw through my stash & see if I have something else that might work. I don’t have ANY pink skirts, & that needs to change!

challenges fulfilled: Sewalongs & Sewing Contests Inside Out Capsule Quartet, winter sudoku capsule, SWAP 2019, #sewjapaneseinjanuary

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 2.23.07 pm
9) self-drafted pink & white tights. I’m doing a personal challenge to try to make myself one self-drafted garment per month, & this month, it’s tights. I got some striped rib knit from fabric.com, & it will go great with so much of my existing wardrobe. I made my first pair of self-drafted tights in August & I’ve been wearing them, but I need to fiddle with the draft a little. I made them too high-waisted & maybe a little too long (basically over-correcting for the issues I always have in RTW tights).

challenges fulfilled: personal self-drafting challenge, Sewalongs & Sewing Contests Inside Out Capsule Quartet, winter sudoku capsule, SWAP 2019

screen shot 2019-01-22 at 2.34.09 pm

10) WILD CARD! This will depend on whether or not I make it through to the second round of the Sewing Bee. If I do, that assignment will go here (if it’s something that can’t be fulfilled by any of my other plans). If I don’t…maybe the Sew House Seven Tabor Tee? I want to try it in some drape-y pink & white striped thermal knit I have that is too stretchy for my original plans for it (fitted henley top)…or maybe this gorgeous floral cotton jersey…

challenges fulfilled: ???

So, what do you think? Can I manage to stay up for the next ten days doing nothing but sewing & finish all these projects? Or am I once again being comically over-ambitious? & how are your January sewing plans coming along? Perhaps most importantly, what do you think of my fancy photo collages? I’d rather not discuss how long it took me to figure out how to make these…2019 is my 20th anniversary of blogging. Maybe I am finally starting to get the hang of it, kind of?

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