moving is the worst

I wish I was writing with new sewing projects to show off, but alas! I finished a new bra & undies set last month right before we moved, & I fully intended to bring it with me to the Airbnb Family Vacation Week, but there was a miscommunication with the bag I packed it in. It wound up in our storage unit instead of with us. I did have some other unblogged projects with me, like this really cute skirt I made like a month ago & still have yet to photograph, but every time I thought about taking pictures of it, I would instantly spill something on it. Soon!

We moved into our new place on Monday. Our friends Ellen & Mike helped us, which was amazing. Ellen in particular combines some kind of superhuman super-strength with a really calm, sensible demeanor that is packed with helpful hints for moving. I lost track of how many times I said, “Oh, that’s a really good idea,” or, “That’s a good point,” & I have moved like thirty times. (Literally.) I hurt my arm partway through the move-in process. I tore a tendon along my bicep, which hurt so bad I actually sat down & cried. (Shocking as it may be to anyone who knew me before the age of 25 or so, I am not really a big crier anymore.) I honestly thought it was broken, but a few days of Vicodin & icing it with a bag of frozen cranberries have restored me to health.

The new place is kind of meh. I mean, it’s all right. But it’s definitely smaller than our last place, so we are struggling to find sensible places for all of our possessions. The biggest casualty is undoubtedly my sewing area. In the old house, all my sewing stuff was along one wall in the living room. It was like a sewing zone. Of course it would have been my preference to have a sewing room with a door I could close (just to keep the cat out), but it worked for me.

That’s not really an option in the new place. The living room is a lot smaller & doorways are positioned in such a way as to make the placement of large furniture (like sewing tables & cutting tables) really hard. I also sacrificed my desk to downsizing, which is where I was storing a lot of my harder-to-store notions.

So, right now, my sewing table & quilting cottons storage are in the living room. The table I use for pressing, along with some of my fabric stash, are in the little nook with the washer & dryer. We’re going to put the cutting table & the remainder of the fabric stash in the bedroom. (We have a really large bedroom in this place, which is nice.) I put my serger in the laundry nook, so I can get it out easily & set it up at the kitchen table when I need to serge, & my extra sewing machines are on a shelf in the closet. My cabinet of lingerie fabrics, sewing reference, & patterns is next to the bed.

So, everything is kind of scattered everywhere, & a lot of it is in the bedroom, which I don’t love because it makes it inaccessible if Jared is napping or sick or whatever. Not that that happens much, & I can easily work around it, but it’s just not a perfect situation.

I got everything set up yesterday & started cutting out a couple of skirts that Jared’s mom has paid me to make for her. It’s a really cool pattern, & I’m thinking about grading it up to my size when I finish her skirts. The problem is that she purchased her fabrics without consulting me & one of them is a lovely but incredibly lightweight black cotton lawn. It’s okay for the back, which will have two layers (it’s a wrap skirt that wraps in the back), but it really doesn’t work for the front. I mean, it’s practically translucent. It needs a lining, & I’m thinking a self-lining would be best, but the pattern calls for 3.5 yards & I only have 3. I don’t even know if I have enough fabric to make the skirt as-is, let alone adding a whole lining panel to the front. I can usually eke out extra yardage by cutting on a single layer, so we’ll see where that gets me.

I’ve also decided to make myself a new swimsuit. I love the suit I made in May, but the closure is perfectly positioned for me to not be able to clasp it myself, & last week, the closure broke while Jared was clasping it for me. Like, the plastic just kind of shattered. I could just replace the closure, of course, & I probably will at some point, but I learned a lot making that suit & I’d like to transfer what I learned into a suit with improved fit & finish. I’d also like to experiment with different design lines & make it something I can wiggle into without assistance.

& of course I am still on the bra-making tip. I realized I had the same lace design in three different colorways: fuchsia, teal, & purple. I used the fuchsia a few months ago to make this set, I used the teal to make the still-unblogged set last month, & I’m thinking about using the purple to make a third set & showing all three for the August Monthly Stitch challenge. The theme is “Triple Trouble,” in honor of the blog’s third birthday.

I sketched out a design the other day, with Ramona’s help. She weighed in on what color elastics & findings I should use, & where I should add lace. She has a surprisingly sophisticated eye for bra design, considering that she’s only three! It was her idea to leave a scalloped lace edge on one side of the straps & use fold-over elastic to finish the other side. I made pattern alterations yesterday, & honestly, this set & the swimsuit might jump the queue over the wrap skirts because we’re almost completely unpacked & I haven’t found the iron yet. I can’t really make a cotton lawn skirt without an iron. My Sanita Mary Jane clogs are also missing in action. This means I almost have no choice but to replace them with a pair of brogues by Fluevog. My hand is being forced (though it will have to wait until the money situation improves a little).

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Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

One thought on “moving is the worst

  1. Moving is the WORST. I don’t have anything else to contribute but omg it’s the worst. I hope you can find a spot for everything and work out a rhythm and get the sewjo happening again.

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