Me-Made May 2016, part five: mistakes were made

I’m a bit behind.

Sunday, May 22


My love affair with the Blanc tee continues apace. Yesterday I used it to make a pajama top out of woven fabric. I give it an A++, & it was very comfortable to sleep in, despite Jared’s bizarre remark that “it looks like a lot of fabric”. Anyway, that’s another post for another day.

This skirt is the very first garment I ever sewed, back in the spring of 2016. I took it apart & resewed it four or five times, trying to get the hem right, get the lining sewn in evenly, trying to get the bias finish on the pockets right. It’s still far from perfect. Now that I actually know what I’m doing, I can recognize that the lining is sewn in backwards, the slipstitching connecting the lining to the zipper is a crime against humanity, the “invisible zipper” is 100% visible, the lining wasn’t understitched so it shifts out of place with every movement, the topstitching on the bias tape is done in two different stitch lengths, & I sewed a pucker into it to boot. There’s no question that I could make a million improvements to this garment if I sewed it again today, & I could probably knock it out in just a couple of hours, instead of the days & days of exertion (including tears, because I didn’t even know how to change my bobbin thread back then–every bobbin refill took a minimum of an hour & required assistance from Jared), but it still gets a surprising amount of wear. It fits well, it’s comfortable, I still love the print (though I’d use a different color for the pockets if I made it again).

Monday, May 23


I didn’t mean to spend all day in my jammies, but…shit happens. Actually, I totally got dressed in this new dress I made for the first Indie Pattern Month challenge over at the Monthly Stitch (to be blogged shortly, as the challenge opens today). Literally thirty seconds after putting the dress on, I spilled coffee all over it. & it’s a lightweight Swiss dot with a white background, lined with the daintiest, silkiest white voile. I ran it under a hot tap while I was still wearing it & just went outside with it all wet because I was late meeting Jared & Ramona at the library. & then on the walk home, I got caught in a torrential downpour. Thank God for that lining, or else everyone in Lawrence would have been getting a peep show through the soaking wet Swiss dot. I changed into a RTW tank top & these cozy flannel jammy pants when I got home & called it a day.

Tuesday, May 24


I still love the IDEA of this tee, but it almost never gets worn because the peekaboo window is just wide enough to let my bra peep out a bit. In retrospect, I think I cut the shoulder piece too big for my size, because I take a much smaller shoulder than I do at the bust & waist, but when I made this tee, I didn’t really understand how to finesse that for knits. Especially a knit like this, with completely separate shoulder & bodice pieces.

I wore a new bra I made that matches the undies (as yet unblogged because it’s also for a future IPM challenge), so I didn’t mind if it peeped out a bit, as it is so gorgeous. & I wore my sailor shorts because they are comfy & also the only me-made shorts I have. I should really try to remedy that. & also make the tee again in the right size.

As an aside, what ever happened to Bluegingerdoll? I really liked a lot of her designs, & LOVED that she drafted for a D cup, but her website just disappeared mere days after I made this tee last year.

Wednesday, May 25


I wore this skirt all the time when I first made it. Like a few times a week. But in my effort to break out some of the deep cuts from my me-made wardrobe, this somehow languished, unworn, in the back of the dresser, for almost the entire month. I would ordinarily pair it with a black tee, but I tried it with the owl print Renfrew today & I like it. I’m working on a pink, white, & gray button-down right now that might also look pretty great with this skirt.

Thursday, May 26


Another billion-degree day (even though it actually hasn’t broken 90 yet–it’s just been really hot & really rainy, making for unbearable humidity) called for the ease of another knit Lady Skater dress. I have three with short sleeves & they are basically all I wore last summer. I just bought this fabric in another colorway (off Etsy–it’s no longer available from non-Etsy fabric shops, as far as I can tell) to make another knit dress with Lady Skater elements. More on that in a few weeks.

& as of today, Me-Made May is over, & I succeeded in my goal to break out at least one heretofore unworn-in-May garment everyday. & I could have gone even longer. There’s still a lot of stuff (mostly skirts & woven dresses) that didn’t see the light of day. You can go over to my Instagram if you want to see how this stuff actually looks on. I documented the month with daily selfies.


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