achievement unlocked: navy floral lady skater (with pockets!)

well, here’s an oldie for you: another lady skater dress modified with pockets, sewn from this navy floral knit from tasha noel’s “vintage market” collection.


yeah, i am still AWESOME at taking photos of my garments. but come on. i think this is my fourth lady skater, & there’s no dearth of other bloggers having made their own. we all know what this dress looks like.

i tried to be a lot more precise with my understitching on the pockets this time, because i had an issue with the lining on my previous lady skater peeking out sometimes. i think i really nailed it this time. i lined the pockets with the pink strawberry print from the “vintage market” line, & ramona likes to peek into my pocket & say, “mommy has strawberries in her pocket!”

i made this dress back in may or june, & it was in very heavy rotation all summer. here’s a photo from july:


look at that baby bump! i was only nine weeks pregnant here. for any blog newcomers, i am not pregnant anymore. i miscarried at ten weeks. sorry not sorry if that is a huge bummer. you’re not as bummed as me, trust!

i have some more fabric stashed away to make yet another lady skater, this one for cooler weather, since summer FINALLY seems to be coming to an end in kansas. there’s one more 80-degree day in the forecast for next week, but since october 1, it’s been pretty consistently in the 60s & 70s. i really need to get going on some cool weather sewing. i have plans for sweaters & hoodies & jeans, & i was even planning to sew my own winter coat this year.

however, the paperpieced home project that i’ve been working on all summer is still dominating my sewing table. all forty blocks are finished, & i spent a few days last week piecing them into a quilt top. i spent another few days sketching my quilting lines. i planned a pumpkin seed motif (also called orange peel, continuous curves, or cathedral windows). i got my quilt sandwich basted yesterday during ramona’s nap & sat down with my thimble & thread to start hand-quilting while jared took ramona out on a bike ride. i got about six stitches in & realized hand-quilting that beast would take a solid year, minimum. i was hoping to replace my crappy store-bought comforter with this beauty by halloween at the latest!

so i fired up the machine, attached the walking foot, & took a few test passes. at the first bulky seam, my needle broke. this is a problem, as this quilt has literally hundreds of bulky seams. that’s what happens when you paper-piece things. getting that detail on the block means you have a lot of crazy seams happening on the back. i put in a new needle & tried again. turning the quilt to make the deep curve i was attempting distorted the stitch length & i hated it. i put SO MUCH WORK into the piecing. i already know i’m a million times better at piecing than i am at quilting, but i don’t want to punt on the quilting if i can help it. so i cut all the quilting out & did some research online. i am now armed with a new technique to try as soon as ramona inevitably talks jared into going for another bike ride. so. hopefully it works a little better & i will machine-quilt this beast with the motif i originally planned. this will be my first time quilting something at my new recessed sewing table. to be frank, i am not looking forward to it.

so yeah. wrapping up this quilt is going to eat up most of my sewing time for the next few weeks. i will be THRILLED to finish it & will take a long break from giant quilting projects for a while. i can’t wait to get back to garments, which can be finished in just a day or two! maybe a week if you’re doing something really complex. i’ve been working on this quilt for over three months.

oh! also. yesterday when i was basting my quilt, i found two spots where there were little marker scribbles, courtesy of a certain two-year-old that lives in my house. at first i was pissed. but then i was like, eh. i used white sashing & i have a toddler. i was kidding myself if i ever thought this quilt was going to remain pristine, unless i was planning to put it behind glass & hang it on the wall. so now i see it as a joint effort. someday i will love to look at those scribbles & remember ramona being so little. i mean, assuming they don’t just wash out the first time the quilt goes in the laundry.

i mentioned a few times that ramona is really into riding bikes. jared got her a balance bike for christmas last year, & she is SO FAST now. i used to be able to plod along next to her & still walk faster than she could ride, but she completely leaves me in the dust now. she has an amazing amount of control too. she can take turns at speed & stop on a dime. which isn’t to say she doesn’t wipe out on occasion. she fell off her bike on friday when we were all out as a family. she cried & cried & when she was done, she said, “want mommy to put me down,” & hopped right back on to her bike & took off. jared even takes her for rides along the levee trail. she’s going to be pretty bummed when snow & ice get in the way of her bike-riding obsession.

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Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

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