me-made may 2015: part six: the end!

i guess i better wrap-up my me-made may photos, now that it’s june. full disclosure: the N button fell off my keyboard & i can’t seem to fix it, so if i start to have a rage black-out here, it’s because it’s really hard to type normal sentences when neither your N nor your T buttons are working properly. okay.

wednesday, may 27


i spent literally the entire day wearing RTW pajamas (if we are being honest, i was rocking a tank top & a pair of maternity sweatpants, & no, i’m not pregnant, they’re just really comfortable) & sewing. specifically, sewing this swimsuit top. so the only me-made thing i wore today was the suit when i tried it on to see if it fit. the bottoms are 100% perfect: high-waisted, full butt coverage, super comfy, don’t sag even when they’re wet (i tested them in the bathtub). the top is a giant unwearable fail. & i don’t even know how many hours i sank into it. ten? such a bummer.

thursday, may 28


black renfrew tee, black floral ponte de roma vogue 1411 pants, elan 645 peach bra, blue & pink lady skater dress, & self-drafted black tap shorts. i took ramona to the KU speech pathology lab today to get some testing done as a follow-up to the ntrainer study she enrolled in as a newborn. the ntrainer is a kind of electronic pacifier. a baby sucks on it & it produces an electric pulse correcting their suck reflex. it’s designed to teach premature babies like ramona how to eat by mouth. (she was fed by nasogastric tube for her first few weeks of life.) honestly, by the time she enrolled in the study, she was already breastfeeding successfully a few times a day, so i don’t think it necessarily helped her much, but whatever. the point is that i sat around a lab all morning while my child was run through a battery of play-based tests (results: she is within normal developmental limits across the board save for language production, where she scored unusually high). so i just wanted to wear pants & a tee. it got all sticky & humid later so i changed into a dress.

friday, may 29


black brontë tee with pink buttons, viewfinder print A-line skirt, self-drafted tap shorts. this skirt is so cute but it drives me insane. it’s just too short! i need to rip out the hem & see if it can be salvaged. i would probably wear it every single day of my life if it was just a little bit longer.

saturday, may 30


black renfrew tee, black/black cherry elan 645 bra, bookshelf A-line skirt. looks a lot like what i wore yesterday, huh? i have an army of skirts made from this pattern (literally like a dozen–i didn’t even wear all of them this month) & i wear them with black t-shirts & that is basically my summer uniform. i specifically chose this skirt for this day because we went to the public library summer reading kick-off party & played “caddystacks” (mini-golf in the library). jared took it so seriously, he kept jetting off the the next hole, leaving me to wrangle ramona, our bags, our scorecard, extra clubs & balls, etc, single-handedly. but i got a lot of compliments on the skirt & a librarian took a picture of us reading in front of the fish tank for the library facebook page:


sunday, may 31


flannel pajamas pants & renfrew/mccall’s 6754 mash-up. mostly i just wore my jammies all day. but one of jared’s soccer teammates was hosting a barbecue, so i put on the dress & went. i thought about skipping it because i was really tired & feeling crabby, but the lure of free pulled pork was too strong (& did turn out to be totally worth it).

& that’s it! this little exercise did help me identify some glaring wardrobe holes & clearly i have already started taking steps to address them. i sewed six t-shirts this month! maybe not the most exciting sewing, but they’re being worn a lot & that’s what counts.

i re-organized my list of things i went to sew, breaking things into more explicable categories & sorting garment sewing by season. there are still a lot of things on my summer list, but i need to slow down a little & make more time to start packing & get ready for the move. but i do already have a few new projects cut out & ready to go.

however, i’m thinking about sewing a fitted sheet first. is that insane? jared & i are kind of hard on our sheets. …ew, that sounds gross. what i mean is that i am hard on sheets because i’m a really thrashy sleeper. i’ve thrashed yet another hole in our last set of fitted sheets so we need new ones. we asked everyone we know where rich people buy their sheets, because maybe the problem is that we need fancier sheets. but i guess we don’t know any rich people because we didn’t get any useful answers. then i started thinking about how a fitted sheet is just a bunch of fabric with elastic on the corners. while that does not sound exciting to sew, it does sound easy to sew. & buying fabric & elastic is no more expensive than buying pre-made sheets, so i’m thinking about trying it. if it works, it could really open up a whole new world of customized fitted sheets for the whole family!

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Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

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