me-made may 2015: part three: blame it on the rain

another five days of me-made garments!

monday, may 11


oversized black waffle weave brontë top with dinosaur buttons, black floral ponte de roma vogue 1411 pants, & strawberry print rosy ladyshorts. it was quite chilly. i raced around first thing in the morning getting myself & ramona ready to go outside, & then i checked the lawrence kids calendar & discovered that toddler gym is closed for the summer because the academic year at KU ended last week! & story time is on hiatus for the month! NOOOOOOOO! i literally said out loud to myself, “this is like a nightmare from which i can’t wake up.” i mean, having to entertain my own kid? what am i, an animal? i wound up taking ramona to the library just to play & look at books, which was fun, & this outfit was perfect for the task.

tuesday, may 12


colorblocked renfrew tee, flannel jammies (thank you, chilly nights!), & feminist A-line skirt. it rained all day so ramona & i were just kicking it around the house. this outfit was adequate for playing ramona’s two favorite games: “pretend it’s a tractor” & “pretend it’s a spaceship”. for “pretend it’s a tractor,” i lay down on my back on the bed & ramona sits on my belly. i put my hands in a circle shape & she pretends it’s a steering wheel. i slowly bounce her & say “bump bump bump,” like i’m a docile old tractor plowing a field. then i start thrashing around & making noises like a robot out of control. she throws herself off & laughs hysterically. “pretend it’s a spaceship” is even more awesome for me. i just lay on my side & she sits in the curve of my waist & talks about how she’s riding a spaceship. that’s it. i don’t even have to make weird noises.

wednesday, may 13


elan 645 peach/ivory bra & matching butterick 6031 underpants, self-drafted tap pants, & renfrew (with the cowl neck)/mccall’s 6745 dress. ahhh, the weather was PERFECT for this outfit! it was just cool enough for the heavy-ish fabric but not so cool that i regretted the shorter sleeves. the tap pants made me indifferent to rogue gusts of wind, & seriously: having a decent-fitting bra can really make all the difference to one’s figure. i wrote about how this bra isn’t quite the right size on me, but it’s better than any of my RTW bras.

thursday, may 14


too big gray brontë top, denim vogue 1411 panvs, elan 645 black/black cherry bra, flannel pajama pants. it was super-cold this morning so i bundled up. then we went to a history department picnic & i discovered that it had heated up & all the water from the storms we’ve been having was evaporating & the humidity was like 10,000%. i was seriously double-fisting cokes to try to hydrate. (beverage pickings were slim. but it was a catered picnic & holy shit the pulled pork was AMAZING.)

friday, may 15


mccall’s 6754 dress & matching rosy ladyshorts. it is still insanely humid. i can’t even THINK about the horrors of having woven fabric anywhere near me. this seemed like an easy, breezy outfit for beating the heat & dealing with ramona, who is in rare form today. (by which i mean, she’s being a little terror. she wouldn’t sit in her high chair for breakfast so jared served her at her art table, but she insisted on getting up after every bite to “hug” me, ie, smear yogurt all over me.)

we’re about halfway through the month & i’m pleased that i have managed to pull out at least one new item of clothing every single day, even if some basics are being repeated. i’m varying my wardrobe a lot more than i usually do. not because i think anyone really cares (or is reading this?), but just as a personal challenge for myself. it is really amazing to pull out garments i sewed a year or more ago & see how much my sewing has improved.

save for the godforsaken t-shirt i tried to make yesterday. it’s in the wash right now (trying to see if a visit to the dryer will shrink it a little), but allow me to state for the record that i spent FOUR HOURS yesterday laboring over it with a seam ripper. & it’s just a basic jersey t-shirt. i could have cut & sewn a new one from scratch in that time. so frustrating. i really need some kind of palate cleanser project to make myself feel better. maybe a nice baby quilt for one of the 10,000 pregnant ladies/new moms in my life at the moment. sometimes you just need a break from garment-making.

ps–this is how ramona kept cool at the picnic yesterday. i like that you can see her missing tooth in this photo. (she was born with it & we had it pulled when she was a month old.)


Published by Ciara

Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

2 thoughts on “me-made may 2015: part three: blame it on the rain

  1. I will have to try the tractor and spaceship games! We give each other airplane rides… first I get a turn, which basically means I have to do a plank and LJ puts her feet on my hips and pretends she has me up all on her own. And then she gets a turn. And then she sits on my stomach and we yell “rolly poley! rolly poley” over and over again while I roll side to side.

    Your games sound a lot more relaxing and fun. :p

    1. yeah, ramona likes airplane rides. i do not. i mean, she’s really heavy! every other toddler parent i know who has ever picked her up has been like, “WHOA. she’s like a ton of bricks!” i can only handle maybe two airplane rides before i’m spent. but we can do tractor & spaceship all day long. i’m a big fan of anything that entertains ramona but does not necessitate my moving in any way.

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