thread nightmares

so, i guess i’m going to try to do me-made-may this year. see here:
aside from “endevouring” (gotta love how british english puts the letter U through its paces) to wear something i’ve made everyday, i will also endeavor not to commit too many of the sins as described by sew sorry sew fat. of course, i’ve already failed by posting about my me-made intentions at all, & linking to that infographic.

i’ll probably do a weekly photo round-up, but definitely not daily. & honestly, let’s not be surprised if my commitment to a weekly round-up falls by the wayside by mother’s day. ah, mother’s day. i’m really looking forward to it this year. i’m hoping to arrange for french toast for breakfast, & then an entire day of not having to sing any of the ten bazillion rounds of “the wheels on the bus” that ramona has made up. sure, the wheels on the bus go round & round, the cats on the bus probably meow, the babies on the bus say wah wah wah, but what do the mr. dursleys on the bus do? & of all the characters in the harry potter books, why is she so fixated on mr. dursley? or what about the polka dots on the bus? according to ramona, they say something. she hasn’t offered much guidance about what that might be, but i need to come up with something or i’ll have a tantrum on my hands.

she was really chill with me today. i became fixated on tackling a dress i had cut out over the weekend. i was going to take it easy with my sewing for a while because i’ve made a lot of new things lately. yesterday i sat down with the projects i cut out over the weekend, intending to just do any staystitching or basting that needed to happen. but i had weird thread issues & things got really jacked up really fast. eventually i figured out that the thread was getting caught in a tiny groove on the spool, so it was pulling too tight, & that was turning my basting stitches into regular stitches & my staystitching into a nightmare-ish fabric-eating mess.

the dress in question is made of a very lightweight baby rib knit. it’s so lightweight that i had to line it. i chose a very light, sheer jersey for that purpose. so then i had to baste those bad boys together, but my thread tension was ruining my life & i was really worried that i had just straight up ruined my fabric. after jared left for school this morning, i became fixated on beginning construction to see if it could be fixed.

well, spoiler alert: it could be fixed (more or less–it’s not a perfect sew, but it’s fine). the dress was done by the time jared came home. i’ll try to get some decent photos & a real post about it soon. (thrilling, i know.) but the really cool thing is how chill ramona was about me sewing. i usually try to only do it when she’s asleep or with jared, but since she seems to be in the process of giving up her nap (which is HORRIBLE–she’s not even two & a half yet! i really thought i could count on at least another six months of guaranteed napping!)…well, mommy needs to sew.

i asked if she minded if i sewed for a while & she hugged me & said, “i like it when mommy sews!” then she went & sat at her wooden toy sewing machine & pretended to sew too. she also sat on the couch & “read” out loud to me (not sure how many books she has memorized at this point–at least fifty), & then she played with her barn animals & arranged them so they were all looking out the barn windows together. she put some music on her little fisher-price record player & spun around pretending to do ballet for a while. she fixed a plate of plush food (she’s partial to the tomatoes, broccoli, oranges, & fish) & tried to feed it to the cat. it was a pretty calm morning. by lunchtime, my dress was finished, except for the hem.

also this morning, our three-legged cat took a running leap & managed to jump on to my desk, where we keep her food & water to discourage ramona from getting into it. (the cat is missing a back leg, which really interferes with her jumping ablities. i usually leave a chair out for her so she can get on to the desk.) she landed with one paw on the food & one paw on the water, sending both bowls flying into the air, raining cat food & water all over me, as i was sitting at my desk at the time. man, this cat is the worst.

&, in especially thrilling news, ramona seems to have learned the F-word. probably from me, because jared almost never cusses. i do it rarely, especially when ramona is around, but i do it more than he does. the first few times she said it, i was like, “…what?” but i didn’t want to repeat it in case she was just messing up trying to say a different word. like maybe “fracking”. or “duckling”. (yes, she is using it in the gerund sense. which is confusing, because the few times i have slipped up & said “fuck” in front of her, it’s mostly been as part of “what the fuck”.) but she’s said it enough now that there’s no doubt. she has no clue what it means & seems to just drop it sometimes in the hopes that we’ll give her some context for it. i tried to explain that it was a word she probably shouldn’t be using, but obviously she’s too little to understand. not sure how to proceed. i guess i will just double down on really trying not to use that word in front of her, continue to not react when she says it, & hope she forgets about it. right?

Published by Ciara

Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

6 thoughts on “thread nightmares

  1. We made a big deal of giving Emmett his “own fork” (a child size fork), and now he walks around saying “Owh Fuhck”.

    1. oh, that’s hilarrible! i wish i could blame ramona’s questionable vocabulary on an adorable baby mispronunciation, but she is very articulate compared to the average toddler. there’s no doubt about what she is saying, unfortunately. (though she didn’t say it yesterday. whew!)

  2. Yes. Ignore it to extinguish the behavior. And perhaps make some words more appealing. Apparently my great-grandparents convinced my grandmother that David Copperfield was the ultimate swear.

    1. for a while i was trying to teach her to say, “damn the patriarchy!” every time she fell down, but she couldn’t really handle words that big. she could probably do it now (jared taught her to say, “that’s a scurrilous lie,” this morning), but she already has a falling down routine (“i FLOPPED!”).

  3. I accidentally taught LJ to say both “shit” and “fuck” at a verrry young age. Whoops! :p Just today, I accidentally taught her to say “Lady, get off my butt!” In my defense, I have to drive in Boston.

    The standard response I’ve heard is to just ignore it when they say it. Because if you make a big deal out of it, they’ll say it *more* just to get a reaction out of you. So far, she’s let all the swears drop out of her vocabulary. “Lady, get off my butt” might be with us for a while. Because, well, that shit is hilarious.

    1. yeah, ramona hasn’t said the F-word in a week or two now. i just tried to never have a reaction, good or bad, & she has moved on to words she actually understands. & some funny things we taught her, such as, “my name is ramona & i am prone to hyperbole.” she doesn’t know what it means, but it’s hilarious when she says it. (especially because i’ve taught her to say it after a single drop of milk leaks out of her sippy & she says, “the milk spilled everywhere!”)

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