goodbye, february

god, this month flew by. & i accomplished next to nothing, because i was sick literally ALL MONTH. i have recovered from my pneumonia, but i’m still not firing on all cylinders. i took ramona to toddler gym the other day, which is usually about a ten-minute walk from the house. this time, it took me twenty minutes, & i got less than a block away from the house before i was huffing & puffing & basically using the stroller as a walker. because i spent all month with fluid in my lungs! ugh.

i have mostly finished a new cover for my sewing stool, which i will blog once i get my mitts on a staple gun. i might have one in the basement? left over from my “posting weird anarchist street art in the middle of the night” days. but i can’t go look for it myself, because spiders. i know it’s wintertime, but kansas spiders are pretty tough. i don’t want to chance it, & i’ve been too lazy to ask jared to go look for me.

i decided to experiment with hexagons for the cover. i’ve never sewn hexagons before, & people kind of treat it like this sewing thing that is OMG so hard & intimidating. it did take me a little while to figure out how to cut out hexagons, but i figured it out before long. i was thinking about stitching them by hand, but i didn’t have the patience for it. i haven’t been sewing much lately & i really wanted to bask in the glow of a fast finish. i’ve read that you can sew hexagons by machine if you mark the stitching lines & mark the start & stop points, but…i didn’t have the patience for that either.

so i just eyeballed it. & guess what? it was pretty easy. i’m not going to sit here & pretend that it turned out flawlessly, but i think it came out very well for a first try. when i got about halfway through, i started daydreaming about making a grandmother’s flower garden quilt…& then i kept sewing & started to hate it. sewing hexagons is really tedious. you have to stitch every single seam individually & clip the threads & press the seam, blah blah blah…i mean, maybe there’s a faster, cheater way to do it. i was just kind of winging it, & i undoubtedly would have enjoyed the process more if i had steeled myself for taking my time. but my sewing bench is pretty small & i did not expect it to take me three days to sew enough hexagons together to make a new cover. (i used small hexagons.)

& i’ve done practically nothing else in the last few days. i’ve just been sewing hexies & hanging with ramona. & ramona has been in rare form lately. when we were at toddler gym, a slightly younger kid came over & tried to steal some of ramona’s crackers. i happen to be acquainted with this kid’s dad & i super-super-hate him. like, SO much. so it was kind of awkward because we had to interact when he came over to pry my daughter’s crackers out of his daughter’s hands, ugh. ramona was talking about it later, as she always does, exclaiming, “the baby touched ramona’s crackers!” i said, “yeah, that baby is a jerk,” which, for the record, i don’t really believe. i don’t know her, but she’s a baby, she can’t be that big a jerk! her dad is a total douchebag though.

anyway, ramona started saying, “that baby is a jerk. that baby is a jerk!” over & over. a friend came over to hang out with us & ramona said, “that baby is a jerk!” & my friend was like, “WHAT did she just say?” & i was like, “yeah. exactly what it sounded like. i’m a terrible parent.”

luckily, she hasn’t said it in a few days. she does still talk incessantly about the baby that dared to touch her crackers: just today, she said, “the baby touched ramona’s crackers & the baby was wearing a shirt with stars on it.” yes. accurate. weirdly accurate. but no more mentions of the baby being a jerk.

she’s also really into pretending that she is characters from her books or acting out scenarios from her books. jared got her this insane book about a garbage barge that apparently gets mixed up with the mafia & the poor garbage barge captain is turned away in every community where he tries to leave his garbage & then has to call his mafia contact, who is all, “i got a guy…”.

so yesterday ramona sat on my back while i was laying around in bed & announced, “i’m riding on mommy!” that’s fine, she does that all the time. then she added, “pretending i’m on the garbage barge!” harsh, dude.

she also really likes to stuff her ceramic hedgehog nightlight or her sippy cup down my shirt when i’m trying to get her down for a nap. i do not love it. that hedgehog can get pretty chilly. but it brings her so much joy, i’ve just stopped fighting it.

& here’s a dilemma jared & i are having: i like to charge my computer overnight so i can sit in the kitchen with it (unplugged, there’s no plug near my desk in the kitchen) during breakfast & read the “new york times” & stuff. i usually use it until the computer dies & then i go plug it in again. very often, jared gets up in the morning & irons himself a shirt for school. we use the same outlet for both the iron & my laptop. nine million times out of ten, he forgets to plug my charger back in after doing his ironing. then i plug my computer in to a charger that isn’t plugged in, & i don’t notice right away because i’m not the one who unplugged it, & therefore my computer does not recharge, & when i go to look at my computer again, it’s still dead.

we CANNOT come to a solution for this incredibly lame problem. i told him that we were going to have to go on “judge john hodgman” to settle it. his argument is that i should check to see if the charger is plugged in when i want to charge my computer. i say, he’s the one that unplugged it, he should make more of an effort to plug it back in! he says he always checks to make sure my charger is showing a green light, indicating a 100% charge, before unplugging it. however, all the green light indicates is that it is plugged in, not that my computer is fully charged. topping the whole thing off: 1) when i point out to jared that he again forgot to plug my charger back in (& seriously, it happened literally EVERYDAY last week, it’s not some unusual occurrence), he gets offended & insists that somehow it’s all my fault for…not checking to see if the charger is plugged in or something? but then how would i have known to bring it to his attention? & 2) when he’s home, he uses my charger. & if i’m sewing & i plug in the iron to press something & don’t plug the charger back in when i’m done, he gets so huffy. even though he does it to me EVERYDAY!

but it’s such a dumb problem. obviously we should just start using a different outlet for one or the other device. it would be slightly inconvenient, but not a huge problem. but at this point, we are both entrenched. clearly jared is wrong, but he will never admit it. never!

Published by Ciara

Ciara Xyerra wrote zines for the better part of two decades. She has a brilliant & adorable preschooler named Ramona & sews as much as she possibly can. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her boyfriend. She enjoys catching up on "The New Yorker", meatball subs, keeping it cranky, intersectional post-third wave feminism, dinosaurs, & monsters. If you have nothing nice to say, she recommends that you come sit here by her, so you can say not-nice things together.

6 thoughts on “goodbye, february

  1. Wait… maybe this is too obvious, but maybe just buy an outlet adapter for like $4 at Target (or whenever) so you can keep the iron and computer charger both plugged into that same outlet at once, all the time?

    1. we actually have an outlet that i could use for the computer. it’s where the computer was plugged in for a long time before i took it into the bedroom one day to watch internet TV. but it’s in one of those “hide your clutter” plastic boxes & I’ve just been too lazy to open the box & plug it back in there.

      though, since our last convo about this, jared has been much more on the ball about plugging the computer back in after ironing.

  2. That sounds like me doing half the projects that I dream up… “Yay, this is awesome, I’m awesome, I’m gonna make a [even more complicated version of whatever it is I’m doing]! … Wow, this is taking a lot longer than I thought … Sweet mother of jeebus, how am I not done yet?!? … OMG, I hate this shit, I don’t even care that I messed that up, I am *not* ripping any stitches out.”

    I would totally just buy a multi-outlet.

    Lilian has had some choice phrases lately, but I’m drawing a blank on them. I am definitely noticing more and more that she is parroting back to me the things I say to her. Which, shit, I guess I should stop saying shit so goddamn much.

    1. i’m on this kick now where i just want to use up fabric. i made a dress over the weekend & it didn’t require nearly as much fabric as i had expected, so i think i’m going to use the rest to make a jacket. even though a jacket was not on the big list of sewing projects i made last week. 45 other things were on the list, but not a jacket. but i just want to use the fabric instead of putting it back in the bins!

      ramona repeats EVERYTHING now. good thing i somehow got out of the habit of constant swearing shortly after she was born. one of my fave things she says is calling me “babe”. i call her that all the time (short for “baby,” obviously). she’ll hand me something & say, “thanks, babe.” it’s funny because apparently i used to call my mom “babe” when i was ramona’s age.

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